Breast Augmentation For The Athletic And Lean, Which One Is The Right Choice?

Is a female that is athletic or highly active excluded from considering breast augmentation? The answer is no. Women who are athletic or physically fit work hard to look their best and stay in shape. As a woman’s body fat lessens, it can change the shape and size of the breasts since the breasts are mainly composed of fatty tissue. If a woman is lean or has an athletic build then the odds are her breasts reflect that same appearance. All the more reason why active women should consider enhancing they're already fit profile with breast implants. The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ want to give fit, athletic greater New Jersey area women helpful information on breast augmentation options while maintaining their active lifestyle.

The importance of femininity

Breasts are an important part of a woman’s sense of femininity. There is no reason why an active or physically fit woman shouldn’t consider enhancing her breasts with implants to add fullness and shape to help feel feminine and sexy. Today’s breast augmentation procedures offer several options for women of any body type. Just because a woman is strong and muscular doesn’t mean it should overshadow her femininity. One of the biggest motivating factors for women that stay in shape is their desire to look their best. If that last element of achieving an overall look means enhancing your breasts, then breast augmentation can be the solution.

Implant considerations for athletic women

Most athletic or fitness-minded women have different aspects to consider for their breast augmentation procedure. If you play a sport, have a rigorous exercise routine, or are extremely active then you need to consider the best way to enhance your body without it getting in the way of your lifestyle. Careful consideration, with your plastic surgeon about factors such as implant size, type, and placement are key discussion points for athletic or active women.

  • Implant size- Larger implants will be heavier so they may have more impact on an active lifestyle and in some cases can cause pain or discomfort especially with high-impact exercising or sports. Fitness-minded women should consider moderate to small-sized implants to give them the best comfort, which can still have a big impact on changing the overall appearance or size of their breasts.

  • Implant placement- Implant placement is key for active women. Placing a breast implant under the pectoralis major chest muscle helps protect the implant and allows for a natural look. Under the muscle, placement is known as submuscular placement. This creates a result that tends to look more natural because the implants are covered by breast tissue as well as the pectoral muscle. Another important factor is the protection that this type of placement allows. If running, lifting weights, or another type of fitness activity where you move your arms and put an impact on your body is taking place, then placing the implant on top of the chest muscle could result in poor results in the future.

  • Implant type - Silicone implants are typically recommended for athletic or lean women due to being lighter in weight than its counterpart of saline. Saline implants are also typically not recommended for lean women or women who may have thin breast tissue or low body fat due to problems with “rippling”. Silicone implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which allows athletic women plenty of options.

Recovery and ongoing fitness

If you are a female bodybuilder or regular weightlifter, this means you spend time in the gym training with weights. Many New Jersey area women may be worried about a possible loss of chest strength after breast augmentation surgery if the pectoral muscle is altered. In addition, when flexing the chest, a visible change in breast shape can also be a concern. When breast augmentation surgery is performed correctly, the loss of muscle strength is usually temporary during the recovery period. Once you are cleared to resume weight lifting, the best advice is to take it slow and not rush back into lifting too heavy or performing moves that may affect your immediate results. Following the appropriate recovery period, most women are able to build back up to their routines and previous fitness level.

Are breast implants right for you?

With being an active or athletic woman, special considerations need to be thought through prior to breast augmentation surgery. As with any elective cosmetic surgery, planning and considering certain factors is key in getting the best end results in order to love your new look. There are plenty of options for active women considering breast implants that won’t impede on their fitness regimen but can complement their lean, fit body. Discussing your goals and options with a board-certified plastic surgeon, like the ones at The Peer Group serving the greater New Jersey area, is imperative to give you the right outcome so you can continue your current active lifestyle. Just because you are athletic, fit, or play a sport doesn’t mean you can’t improve the appearance of your breasts and feel more feminine.

Every woman should feel good about their body especially active, physically fit women who work hard to maintain their figure. If the one aspect missing is your breasts not feeling or looking attractive, then considering breast augmentation is more an option today than ever. With so many breast implant advancements, athletic women have options to enhance their look without hindering their active life. Just because you have decided to “up your breast size” doesn’t mean it will limit you!

Helping patients in the greater New Jersey area, The Peer Group provides the latest developments and medical options with breast augmentation procedures. Their state-of-the-art facility in Florham Park, NJ can provide comfort and the latest technology for your breast augmentation procedure. Call or schedule your breast augmentation consultation with The Peer Group today.

What can liposuction do for me?

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that both men and women request to improve their appearance and the way they feel about their bodies. Whether it’s used to make the body appear more proportionate or to slim down a body part after shedding excess pounds, patients are incredibly pleased with their results. The highly skilled plastic surgeons at The Peer Group, located in Florham Park, NJ, have many years of experience in performing various liposuction techniques and utilize their extensive training to help determine which technique is best to achieve your goals. Liposuction is a surefire way to reduce stubborn fat and have your body looking its best. Greater New Jersey area men and women who may be considering liposuction should understand what it is and what it can and can’t do for you.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, is one of the most ideal methods used to remove localized areas of fat and to contour the body. General anesthesia is typically used during liposuction and the procedure is considered an outpatient treatment. A small incision is created in the targeted area and the fat is then broken down with a small hollow tube, or cannula. Following this process, a surgical vacuum is used to suction and remove the fat and then the incision is closed. The total amount of fat removed during the procedure varies by patient, but generally speaking, liposuction can remove anywhere from several ounces up to a few pounds of fat.

The impact on your body

Liposuction can provide excellent results on many areas of the body and face. Oftentimes patients turn to liposuction when traditional methods, such as dieting and exercise have little effect on their problem areas. We also see many New Jersey moms in our office as they find themselves having a difficult time getting rid of their post-pregnancy pooch. Fat removal from the buttocks, love handles, thighs, and hips are a few of the many areas that can be targeted. Liposuction can also be used on the chin to help reduce the appearance of a double chin, and it can also be used on the neck to create a well-defined neck and jaw area. Depending on the number of areas you’d like to treat, you may be able to have multiple areas treated during one procedure. You can discuss this option with your surgeon in further detail during your consultation.

The impact on your life

Liposuction does more than alter your outward appearance. It can actually change the way you view yourself and how you project yourself to others. Patients have reported an incredible self-esteem boost following a liposuction procedure. And many patients have developed and maintained a regular plan of exercise and a healthy diet to prolong their results. Liposuction is rated one of the most popular surgical procedures year after year for a very good reason; patients love how much the procedure has transformed their lives.

What can’t lipo do?

While liposuction can create outstanding results for New Jersey area patients, it does have some limitations and not all patients are good candidates for liposuction. Liposuction is not considered a weight-loss treatment and should not be used to remove significant amounts of fat. In addition, if you struggle or have large amounts of loose or excess skin, that will need to be addressed separately as liposuction only removes fat cells. It can’t tighten or improve loose skin.

Ideal candidates for liposuction are men and women who are at or near their targeted weight, but have specific areas of excess fat that resist diet and exercise or that aren’t in proportion with the rest of their body. The results from a liposuction procedure can last for many years. The best way to maintain results from lipo is to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating balanced meals and incorporating a regular fitness routine into your schedule.

What are the next steps?

If you’re interested in learning more about liposuction please contact our Florham Park, NJ plastic surgery office to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. Your experienced liposuction surgeon will meet with you to determine if you’re a good candidate for a liposuction procedure. A physical exam will be conducted to help pinpoint which areas can benefit most from a liposuction procedure and a customized treatment plan will be created. Your surgeon will go over the procedure with you and outline the risks and what to expect with recovery. Your medical history will also be discussed and the surgeon will also work with you to see if liposuction can provide the results you’re after. Pricing will also be addressed during your consultation.

Liposuction can transform your life as it already has for a countless number of people. If you’re ready to take the first steps to a new and improved you then schedule a visit to our greater New Jersey office today to find out why so many patients depend on The Peer Group to give them the body they never thought was within reach.

Why Surgical Skill Matters During Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty, also known as “nose reshaping”, is one of the most intricate and complex cosmetic procedures that plastic surgeons perform. Patients considering rhinoplasty, in most cases, are looking to cosmetically change an aspect of their nose but in some situations, patients have medical concerns. It can be a solution for a variety of needs but having the right plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty procedure is crucial. Plastic surgeons have to work in a delicate manner with precision in a small target area of the face. Structural changes to your nose can alter the way your face looks but talented, qualified New Jersey area plastic surgeons would concur that a good rhinoplasty procedure can have exceptional outcomes for both a patient’s physical and emotional well-being. This is especially true for patients who have always felt self-conscious about their nose.

Here is some helpful information provided by the Peer Group for Plastic Surgery, for patients throughout the greater New Jersey area considering rhinoplasty, and what they need to know about their surgical care when considering this surgery.

The nose is the central focus

If you think about it, the nose is the central part of the face. It has a profound effect on the relationship with other aspects of the facial structure, creating balance and harmony. Changes to the nose can formatively change a patient’s overall appearance. Since it is the central focus of the face, a good rhinoplasty experience allows an “altered nose” to still be natural-looking. An attractive nose blends in with other aspects of a patient’s face instead of standing out. When a patient undergoes rhinoplasty, the ultimate goal is to see an outcome that looks soft, natural, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing. Even more important, preserving all of the natural functions of the nose where breathing is concerned is also crucial during surgery.

A patient’s need for change

Most patients throughout greater New Jersey considering rhinoplasty have an aspect about their nose that does stand out which is why they want to change it. Rhinoplasty can treat a variety of cosmetic needs for patients. It can remove bumps or reshape nostrils if they are too large, wide, or turn upward. It can reduce the width of a patient’s bridge or change the overall proportion of the nose to be smaller. A rhinoplasty procedure can create balance with the other features of a patient’s face making them feel more confident. Even medical needs like a broken nose or a deviated septum can be corrected with rhinoplasty so whatever a patient needs the surgical care is a key factor with this highly complex procedure.

Surgical care is key

Every person’s nose is unique. Every person’s nose is different. The nose’s 3-dimensional shape makes this procedure surgically difficult and also uniquely different from other cosmetic procedures. Most people don’t like their nose or some aspect about it which makes rhinoplasty the 3rd most popular cosmetic procedure. This highly detailed procedure not only changes the cosmetic aspects of the nose but also its structure of it. This small target area, with intricate tissues and infrastructure, means the slightest change or surgical error can have a big impact. This balancing act for a plastic surgeon is one of the many reasons finding a qualified, experienced doctor is highly important.

Rhinoplasty surgical experience

Since the nose is a complex facial feature with size and shape, a minor change can have a big impact on how it looks and functions. This is all the more reason why having a plastic surgeon with rhinoplasty experience plus the creative talent to sculpt and create the nose only gives patients the best end results. Facial cosmetic surgery requires a distinct surgery craft and years of performing these surgeries so that with each outcome, a natural result is attained. Here are some important factors for patients, in the greater New Jersey area, to consider for their surgical care:

  • Surgical skill and experience with rhinoplasty procedures-with either open or closed techniques.

  • Surgical skill to graft skin or tissue from other areas, if needed.

  • Before and after photos of actual patients with their rhinoplasty results.

  • Rhinoplasty revision or reshaping experience.

  • Before and after photos of actual patients with rhinoplasty revisions, if needed.

  • Patient recommendations or reviews of their rhinoplasty experience.

Creative eye and surgical skill together

The right surgeon with an artistic eye to reshape and resculpt your new nose is key for a good rhinoplasty experience. This procedure gives patient’s balance so their nose will fit with the other features of their face. It has an artistic element to it so the plastic surgeon must create and sculpt a patient’s new nose in order to fit harmoniously with the other features of their face. Another balancing act for this cosmetic procedure requires plastic surgeons to have an artistic intuition as well as surgical expertise. A combination of both elements gives patients the best end results. The qualified, experienced plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ can provide both factors to patients so they can have the nose they’ve always desired.

If you want to correct, enhance, or reshape your nose then the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group can help. Don’t put off your need for a nose job just find the right plastic surgeon with the qualities and qualifications needed to give you the best rhinoplasty experience. The Peer Group is a surgical group of qualified plastic surgeons with extensive rhinoplasty experience so you can start loving the look of your nose sooner rather than later. Call or schedule your rhinoplasty consultation with The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ today.

Reshape your body with body contouring surgery

Many people turn to body contouring when they want their body to have a smooth and more toned appearance after losing a significant amount of weight or to enhance certain body parts affected by a pregnancy, aging, or genetics. Body contouring is an excellent way to reduce the appearance of excess fat and loose skin on the body and slim and tone those problem areas. The end result is a nicely contoured figure that is well proportioned in all the right places. The highly-skilled plastic surgeons with The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ perform a number of body contouring cosmetic surgery treatments such as liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, breast augmentation, and more to contour, enhance, and tighten the body. Once the sagging skin and fat have been removed, patients can finally enjoy their new bodies to the full extent.

Are you unhappy with a certain body part and wish to enhance it with cosmetic surgery? If so, learn how body contouring may be the right option for you.

What can body contouring do for me?

Following dramatic weight loss, many patients are left with loose or sagging skin and isolated areas of fat in various places that cannot be eliminated through traditional methods. This is a common side effect of significant weight loss because the skin and tissue no longer have the elasticity that’s necessary to conform to the new body shape and size. So now that you’ve lost the weight, you’re plagued with an entirely new issue that’s just as bothersome. Body contouring provides two major improvements; first, the excess skin and fat are removed, and second, the underlying tissue is tightened in order to give the area a more defined and proportionate appearance.

Weight loss patients are not the only ones who can benefit from body contouring surgery. Many men and women desire simple changes, such as some cosmetic help slimming their waistline or thighs, or creating a shapelier butt with a fat transfer. Even the face can be contoured, such as the neck for patients who have hanging skin and undergo neck lift surgery to remove it.

What areas can be reshaped with contouring surgery?

Excess skin and fat can appear in many areas of the body. A contouring procedure can be customized depending on the areas that are in need of contouring. Some of the most common body contouring procedures performed at our greater New Jersey plastic surgery center include:

  • Breast lift surgery: To correct sagging, drooping breasts

  • Breast augmentation: To enhance the size and shape of the breasts with breast implants

  • Tummy tuck surgery: To tighten and tone the abdomen

  • Arm lift surgery: To correct sagging skin and pockets of fat in the upper arm area

  • Thigh lift surgery: To slim the inner or outer thighs and tighten their appearance

  • Lower body lift: To correct sagging in the lower abdomen, flanks, lower back, and buttocks

  • Neck lift: To correct sagging skin under the neck and create a more defined profile

Your surgeon will work with you during your consultation to identify which areas of your body (and/or face) will benefit most from a fat removal or skin tightening procedure. Depending on the combination of procedures, you may be able to address multiple areas during a single surgical session.

Who is a good candidate for body contouring?

Body contouring may not be a good fit for everyone. An ideal candidate for a body contouring procedure is someone who is in good medical health, is a nonsmoker, and who is at or near their ideal body weight. In addition, some procedures may be best for women who have completed pregnancy, such as a tummy tuck. While body contouring can work wonders on your problem areas, it will not eliminate all traces of excess fat and skin. One of the most important things that all patients should keep in mind is that they will need to continue living a healthy lifestyle which includes eating well and incorporating some form of general fitness. At The Peer Group, we want all of our New Jersey area patients to love their results, but even more importantly, ensure they last for years to come.

How can I find out more?

The first step in transforming your figure, is to find a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon who is an expert in liposuction and skin tightening surgery. One who performs body contouring surgery on a regular basis. During your consultation, be sure to ask some important questions so you can make sure you have found the best plastic surgeon for your specific needs. Some questions to ask during your consultation include:

  • Are you board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?

  • How many years have you performed plastic surgery?

  • Where do you hold hospital privileges?

  • What results can I expect from the surgery?

  • What will my recovery be like?

  • Will I have noticeable scars?

  • What will my treatment plan entail?

  • What surgical technique is recommended for me?

  • Do you have before-and-after photos of other patients who have had body contouring surgery so I can see what the results may look like?

If you’d like to learn more about cosmetic surgery and discover how a body contouring procedure can benefit you, we invite you to call our Florham Park, NJ plastic surgery center to schedule a consultation. You’ll be able to meet with an experienced, highly skilled, board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your cosmetic concerns and aesthetic goals for surgery. Contact The Peer Group today, serving the greater New Jersey area, and allow us to help you achieve your body goals.

Top 5 Body Parts Reshaped With Liposuction

It is a fact that sometimes diet and exercise just can’t eliminate or reduce unwanted fat that has become a frustrating fixture in certain places on the body. Patients often feel frustrated with trying to slim down or tone up specific areas, which is why many turn to the cosmetic help of liposuction. One of the top cosmetic procedures done in the United States, liposuction targets and eliminates fatty deposits in certain areas in order to create a more appealing silhouette. Turning to the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ has given countless women and men in the greater New Jersey area amazing results revitalizing their physique with liposuction.

The Liposuction breakdown

Liposuction is trending to be the go-to option for patients seeking cosmetic help for slimming and reshaping their figure. There is no denying this fact when it is the 2nd most popular cosmetic surgery performed right behind breast augmentation. Liposuction, also termed Lipo, is a body contouring cosmetic procedure aimed at slimming down or contouring areas of the body by removing excess fat. A skilled, qualified plastic surgeon will use a cannula instrument to carefully extract the excess fatty tissue while gently contouring or reshaping an area. Let’s take a look at the top 5 areas that liposuction can reshape and what it could possibly do for you!

The top 5 body parts addressed with Lipo

There are a number of areas that can be transformed with liposuction. It also varies by women and men. Each gender has varying aesthetic goals and liposuction is a treatment that can be adjusted for both parties. Men typically look to liposuction to help with their “gut” or unwanted “love handles”. They also commonly use liposuction for the chest and back area. Women generally choose the abdomen, thighs, hips, and knees. However, one size does not fit all and liposuction can be used in a variety of ways for both men and women. Let's take a look at the most common body parts our greater New Jersey office treats with liposuction and how it can impact your figure.

The Abdomen

The most popular area for liposuction with men and women is the abdominal area. Liposuction on the lower, upper or entire stomach area can create a slimmer, more contoured figure. Even patients who are normal to slim may struggle with a “pooch” or layer of fat that just won’t go away. Liposuction can remove that excess fat and smooth out the stomach area in order to create a more toned-looking, sculpted appearance for both men and women.

The Thighs

Liposuction can treat the outer, inner or both sides of the thigh area. Depending on a patient’s body type, some need help with the outer portion or “saddlebag” area while others want to achieve that inner thigh gap where their thighs don’t touch! Complete thigh liposuction, if needed, can be done in order to help a patient’s overall thigh definition.

The Buttocks

Liposuction is very popular, especially for women, to be done on the butt area. Most women turning to liposuction are wanting to reduce the size of their but by removing excess fat. Liposuction of the butt can create a slimmer profile and in some cases reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The Arms

Another area of concern, especially for women, is to treat unsightly excess fat in the arms. Typically a sign of aging, with changes in hormones and muscle laxity, women begin to see changes in their upper arms or around their armpit area. Also, women having an arm lift procedure to remove loose skin and signs of “bat wings”, typically have liposuction done prior in order to remove excess fat leaving a more shapely or toned upper arm.

The Back

Common for both men and women, the back can be a difficult area to get rid of stubborn fat. For men, it is typically the “love handles” or lower back area and for women, it is the “bra fat” on the upper back. Either area is unflattering for both men and women. When diet or exercise has been exhausted then patients can turn to liposuction to smooth out those areas and help contour their backside.

Don’t forget about the face!

While the body tends to be the most talked about in terms of liposuction treatments, men and women throughout the greater New Jersey area visit our Florham Park, NJ plastic surgery center for facial contouring as well. Facial procedures with liposuction can also be very transforming for men and women. Neck liposuction, in particular, can literally reshape your neck and create a stunning profile. It is rapidly becoming one of the most popular treatments along with Kybella, an injection that helps melt fat away under the chin or CoolSculpting, a popular treatment that freezes unwanted fat.

Types of Liposuction techniques

With advancements in technology, there are different types of liposuction utilized today to give patients an easier recovery with less bleeding or bruising. The most common, and the one typically performed by the plastic surgeons at The Peer Group, is tumescent liposuction. It is a suction-assisted type of lipo that injects agents to numb and control the target area first before the fatty deposits are extracted. By controlling the amount of suction, the surgeon can control the scope and amount of fatty tissue extracted which is key. There are even non-invasive forms of liposuction available with laser-assisted and ultrasound-assisted variations. Choosing which type of liposuction will be determined at your consultation and depends on your goals, how much fat you want to be removed, and how many areas you want to target, as well as your overall budget.

Liposuction when performed by a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon can have excellent end results. Many patients often say “why did I wait so long”! The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group can offer a surgical consult and help you decide your best options for your liposuction procedure by making you feel great again! If you are interested in a liposuction procedure call or schedule your consultation with The Peer Group in the greater New Jersey area today!

I want to change the look of my nose! Is rhinoplasty the answer?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic nose surgery that can change and enhance the size, shape, and overall look of your nose. But aside from aesthetic improvements, did you know that this popular treatment can also improve your life? The nose is the most prominent feature of the face due to its central location. It is the first thing we notice when we look at another person’s face and if your nose has irregularities you wish to change, often, other people may notice them too. People generally think of a “nose job” (technically known as rhinoplasty surgery) as a common surgery to reshape your nose. However, they may be unaware of the functional improvements that can come along with this life-changing surgery.

The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ offers rhinoplasty surgery for New Jersey area men and women who desire aesthetic improvements to their noses. But nose reshaping is not just about improving your appearance, but your life and well-being as well. We have highlighted below 6 improvements that can be made with rhinoplasty surgery.

1. A better shaped nose

Perhaps your nose is too big, too wide, has a prominent bump on top, or you just simply do not like the shape of it. Maybe you suffered injuries to your nose that have never been repaired and have left your nose looking misshaped. The most common reason people consider rhinoplasty surgery is to correct these unwanted features and create an aesthetically appealing, natural look. During rhinoplasty, the nose can be altered to look smaller, smoother, and have a better overall shape.

2. Facial Harmony

In general, people are attracted to symmetrical things in life. A significant part of facial symmetry lies with the nose because if it is too large, too small, or crooked in shape, it can make the face appear asymmetrical. This may be distracting to some people but this can be fixed with nose surgery. Rhinoplasty can help balance out angles to highlight the natural contours of your facial profile. Rhinoplasty can also reduce nostril size which can also affect your overall facial symmetry. Sometimes patients visit our New Jersey area plastic surgery center asking for more shape and more size to even out their facial symmetry! The nose is just one part of your facial symmetry. Although nose reshaping is commonplace to start, many patients often decide to include additional procedures such as chin augmentation, in order to achieve their desired symmetry.

3. Improved Breathing Function

Rhinoplasty surgery, while it offers outstanding aesthetic outcomes, can also simultaneously improve the basic function of your nose. The nose is a vital part of the human respiratory system. Functional rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery procedure performed to address the function of the nose. Many patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose are surprised to find that they also have a nose that is not functioning properly. They often live with breathing difficulties, which just become a part of everyday life. If you have difficulty breathing through one side of your nose, this is a problem that can be addressed with rhinoplasty.

4. Fewer Sinus Problems

The nasal and sinus passages inside the nose are tiny! So, even the smallest amount of inflammation can result in sinus problems. A sinus infection or “sinusitis”’ occurs when these passages become blocked and bacteria start to form in them. People will often develop chronic sinusitis and are treated with multiple rounds of antibiotics. Even if patients do not develop advanced sinusitis, they may still have sinus headaches caused by the pressure of the blocked passages. A rhinoplasty may help reduce the incidence of sinusitis by making corrections to the septum. When a patient has an off-centered septum, known as a deviated septum, corrective nose surgery will help remove these obstructions. Reduced sinus infections and dependence on antibiotics are a direct benefit to your health. This leads to less sick days and an overall improvement in quality of life.

5. Less Snoring

There are many causes of snoring. One of the most common culprits is when people only breathe through their mouth when sleeping. This may be due to their nose being obstructed and the human breathing system simply finding another way to take in oxygen. Rhinoplasty surgery is a delicate cosmetic procedure that lends itself to helping people breathe easier, which means a quieter night’s sleep. Many times, during a rhinoplasty procedure at our New Jersey plastic surgery center, septoplasty is performed at the same time. This is a technique that is used to correct a deviated septum. After a successful septoplasty, patients may find they now can breathe through their nose while they sleep by decreasing snoring from the mouth. A rhinoplasty is not a guarantee to stop your snoring, but this a great added benefit to those patients that find snoring relief from nose corrective surgery.

6. More Confidence

Has the size or shape of your nose been something that has always bothered you? The nose is the central focal point on a person’s face. It is no surprise then that rhinoplasty can have a dramatic effect on one’s self-esteem. More than anything, a successful rhinoplasty gives people a renewed feeling of self-confidence. For years leading up to their rhinoplasty procedure, many people feel anxious or helpless due to the appearance of their noses. They may incorrectly believe this problem is just “something they have to live with.” People may feel embarrassed by a prominent or misshapen nose and attempt to hide their nose when taking pictures. Rhinoplasty surgery can change the shape or size of your nose or nostrils to give you added confidence in your appearance. Mental health improvement is one of the most important benefits of corrective nose surgery.

If you are unhappy with how your nose looks and are experiencing functional problems that may exist due to a misshapen nose, we invite you to call the Peer Group for Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, NJ. Rhinoplasty can give you the softer, more symmetric nose you desire, and allow you to breathe easier both during the day with renewed confidence and at night while you are sleeping. Schedule your consult today with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons and see why rhinoplasty is life-changing for New Jersey men and women.

Breast Augmentation with IDEAL implants. How Ideal Are They?

The latest technology in implants has given patients who are considering breast augmentation the best of both worlds--both an enhanced look with safer options. Since FDA approval in 2014, IDEAL implants are the hot, new alternative in breast augmentation when giving patients a boost to their bustline. With a compelling name, IDEAL implants are ideally made up of saline but have the look and feel of silicone. Any woman considering breast augmentation often finds themselves asking the main question, what type of implant should I choose--silicone or saline? Now, they can have the best of both in one!

The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group, in Florham Park, NJ, want to get the word out that there is another option in breast implants that is making its mark in the aesthetic space and for women in the greater New Jersey area contemplating their choices, maybe it is the right choice for you!

The implant debate

One of the main concerns for patients considering breast implants is are they safe? By today’s standards, all breast implants are considered extremely safe. Even with a rare risk of a rupture or “silent leak” most patients opt for silicone gel implants because they feel more like breast tissue. Patients who pick saline implants feel more comfortable with them being filled with sterile saltwater but a downside can be they don’t feel as natural. Now there is a new player in the mix and it is shaking things up! IDEAL implants are giving patients the peace of mind that their implant is saline-based but has the touch or feel of silicone. Let’s take a look at this new innovative breast implant that has patients and surgeons talking.

The IDEAL implants

Patients in New Jersey are discussing this new option for implants because it offers the positive elements of both saline and silicone. Unlike other breast implants, IDEAL implants have structure and internal layers inside the implant casing. IDEAL implants have actually been coined the “Structured Breast Implant” because it is comprised of a complex multishell structure that holds two compartments filled with saline. It is designed and constructed to allow for the saline inside to move around and “feel natural” but keeps it compartmentalized so it still has structure. The saline compartments are filled once the implants are inserted much like with traditional saline implants.

What are the main perks of IDEAL implants?

When discussing the advantages of this new implant there are several positives it brings to breast augmentation with its innovative design.

  • The multishell aspect makes the IDEAL implant quite different. Traditional saline implants are one inflatable shell, like a water balloon, that is filled once implanted. With IDEAL implants there are multiple layers, that the saline fills once implanted. This saline is able to move throughout the layers and structures more freely but not so easily that it loses its shape.

  • The overall design of IDEAL implants is a more natural shape to fit the contour of the chest wall. Traditional saline implants are an empty single shells. Since IDEAL implants are made up of multiple layers it gives the saline more foundation much like silicone gel implants. One of the main reasons patients pick silicone implants is because they have better shape and look more like a natural breast. IDEAL implants are bringing that silicone element to patients but with the perk, they are filled with saline.

  • Those multishell layers also reduce the risk of a rupture or leaking. Even though today rarely a risk with traditional saline or silicone implants, IDEAL implants would need to have several layers broken or punctured in order to cause a leak or rupture. Plus, the good part about IDEAL implants is that they are filled with saltwater, which puts many patients at ease.

Other perks about IDEAL implants

Other reasons that patients in the Florham Park and greater New Jersey area are considering this new IDEAL implant are due to:

  • Low rupture rate

  • No need for regular MRIs to detect any ruptures--it will deflate like traditional saline implants

  • Youthful shape and contour

  • Smooth surface

  • Smaller incision like traditional saline implants

What about traditional silicone or saline implants?

Both traditional silicone and saline implants are widely popular, used everyday, and still chosen by hundreds of thousands of women. They are manufactured to be safe, effective, and offer gorgeous, lasting results. Our New Jersey plastic surgery center still relies on these staple implants because they deliver excellent outcomes. With the added benefit of being able to offer even more options with the IDEAL implants, patients now have more choices depending on what their personal goals are. During your consultation, we will assess your body type, discuss your goals for your desired aesthetic outcome, and look at all the breast implant options that can be considered.

With the design of the new IDEAL breast implant, you get the benefits of both saline and silicone all in one implant! The IDEAL implant offers a youthful contour and shape like silicone but without the worry that some patients feel about silicone. It gives patients a natural look and a new peace of mind. If you want beautiful, natural-looking breasts without the worry, then IDEAL implants may be right for you.

The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ are always keeping their practice up to date on the latest developments and IDEAL implants are the next best thing in breast augmentation. If you are considering a breast augmentation with implants procedure and are interested to learn more about IDEAL implants, as well as the other implant options available, we invite you to contact our plastic surgery center or schedule a consultation with The Peer Group today!

Why Breast Implants Are Better Than Ever! More Choices…More Options

Considering breast implants? Now, more than ever, breast augmentation is offering patients more choices. With advancements in surgical techniques and more options, breast implants look more natural, the procedure is less invasive, and patients have quicker recoveries. With all this forward-thinking progress, it is no wonder that breast augmentation is still the most popular cosmetic procedure done today. The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ provide their patients with the latest innovations in breast implants. It is one of the many reasons why patients in New Jersey are turning to The Peer Group for their breast augmentation procedure. Here is some helpful information on the latest in breast implants so that you and your surgeon can make the right choice!

Enhancing your look

Breast augmentation can be life-changing for New Jersey patients. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that utilizes breast implants to enhance the size and shape of a patient’s natural breast. It not only can boost self-esteem but improve how a patient feels about their body. With medical advances, breast implants are not only safer but now come in various shapes, sizes and textures. There are even implants that have a wide contour at the bottom or tear-shape in order to mimic a woman’s natural breast. So with all these implants choices, which one is right for you? A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, like the ones at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, will help determine this but let’s take a look at the different options with today’s implants.

The implant options

In the past, breast augmentation was done to get big, dramatic results. Today’s patients are interested in a more natural-looking enhancement in order to subtly change their profile. The two main front runners for breast augmentation surgery concerning breast implants are still silicone and saline but there are new options that have taken on a new role for patients to consider when deciding to have breast implants.


Silicone implants are still the most popular choice. A silicone shell filled with a cohesive gel helps give the breast a more natural appearance and fuller shape. Today’s silicone implants come in various shapes, textures, and types. Highly cohesive gel implants are the latest development in silicone. A stronger gel allows these implants to keep their shape longer and also reduces the risk of leakage or rupture. Gummy bear silicone implants are also filled with highly cohesive silicone gel that resembles the texture of a gummy bear and is tear-shaped to mimic a woman’s natural breast.


Saline implants are a silicone shell filled with sterile saltwater once inserted and considered the most affordable option for breast augmentation. A water-based implant is less cohesive but one of the main reasons patients choose saline over silicone is due to the no-risk factor should the implant rupture or leak. Even though rare, if a saline implant does rupture or have a leak it is visible to the patient as the implant will “deflate”.


A new innovative option in the aesthetic space, IDEAL implants offer the best of both worlds when it comes to saline and silicone. IDEAL implants are silicone shells with multiple layers inside filled with saline. These layers are filled with saline and have spaces in between each that allow the saline to move throughout the inside structure. This gives the IDEAL implant a more natural feel but keeps it compartmentalized so it still has structure. The saline compartments are filled once the implants are inserted much like with traditional saline implants. These new implants are “ideal” giving patients the no-risk factor of saline with the shape and contour of silicone that patients always want.

Know your options that best fit you

Aside from finding a reputable, experienced plastic surgeon, there are other factors that New Jersey patients need to consider prior to their consultation and discussing implant options. Here are some aspects patients should think about prior to their consultation and before deciding what implant type is right for them.

  • Skin laxity: Are your breasts still healthy or do they sag? Consult with your plastic surgeon on age, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and weight loss and if any of these life events have changed your skin elasticity or skin tone. In addition to choosing the right implant, it is also important to discuss the right surgery. Some women may benefit from having a breast lift in addition to receiving implants.

  • Your daily routine: Know your lifestyle and how active you are with exercising or daily activities. This helps determine the sizing and other factors that may be impacted by breast implants.

  • Body type: If a patient is thinner or very lean, then typically, saline implants are not always the best recommendation due to the possibility of rippling under the skin. Silicone implants or IDEAL implants are considered universal for pretty much any body type.

More and more women today are choosing breast augmentation to have perkier, fuller breasts. There are a variety of choices now more than ever when it comes to breast implants and deciding which one will give patients the best end result. Every woman has a different body type and has different end goals for their breast augmentation. The plastic surgeons at The Peer Group are experienced and well known in the New Jersey area. Their practice is up-to-date on the latest technologies and breast implant options. If you are interested in breast augmentation surgery and want to learn more about all of the breast implant options available to you, we invite you to call or schedule your consultation with the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group today.