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Lip Augmentation Florham Park, NJ

For many people, having luscious lips is a cosmetic ideal. Some people have a natural pillowy and round pout, while others go through life with lips that are thin and flat—but even those of us with full lips can find that they lose volume over time. Anyone who wants to gain or regain a healthy-looking pair of lips can enjoy the benefits of lip augmentation at New Jersey’s The Peer Group.

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Adding volume to the lips to increase their size, change their shape, or improve their definition is known as lip augmentation or enhancement. The most common treatment used to get a fuller look involves dermal filler injections. This is a nonsurgical treatment and requires just a few injections made to insert hyaluronic acid-based gel in key areas.

It is also possible to harvest a patient’s own fat from an area where there are fat cells in abundance—such as the thighs—and inject them into the lips to add volume using something made by the patient’s own body. This technique, known as fat transfer, involves some surgical steps, since incisions are made to remove fat.


At The Peer Group, there are three filler collections frequently used for lip augmentation: Juvéderm®RHA®, and Restylane®. All three collections have injectable hyaluronic acid gels that work well to add volume to the lips, providing anything from a subtle boost to careful shaping to an obvious enhancement.


The lips are a highly visible focal point on the face, and they are also constantly in motion. Every smile, frown, pout, yawn, spoken word, and countless other actions can draw attention to them. With this in mind, it is incredibly important to work with injectors who are highly experienced, trained in working with the specific fillers used for a given session, medically knowledgeable, and able to visualize the ultimate results of a lip augmentation treatment.

Every injector at The Peer Group is a physician, meaning anyone giving you lip augmentation injections is fully educated, credentialed, licensed, and drawing on years of focused work in medical settings. There are no day-spa injectors here.

Lip injections are made with particular care for safety, comfort, and beautiful results. The needle might cause a feeling similar to a pinch, but patients routinely say that they handle the experience well.

A lip augmentation session will not take long. Expect about 30 minutes or less, with exact times depending on individual factors, including whether other treatments are being performed.

Recovery & Results

Injections can cause bruising and swelling, so anticipate both reactions after a lip augmentation treatment. The swelling in particular can make the lips appear overly large at first. It’s not uncommon for patients to see themselves in the mirror the day after their session and think that they made a mistake. Swelling will resolve on its own, and patients typically find that the shape and size of their lips look the way they hoped once the side effects fade and the filler “settles” into place.

Patients can avoid activities—like drinking through a straw or kissing—in the hours and days after their session if contact makes their lips uncomfortable. That said, no special recovery time is needed, and you should feel free to resume work and social interactions as soon as you feel comfortable.

Different fillers have different expected durations, and each person’s body will metabolize the gel at a unique rate. In general, lip augmentation results can last for months, after which a new treatment session can bring the volume back once again.


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