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Fat transfer at New Jersey’s The Peer Group is a versatile procedure that accomplishes two things at once: It reduces the volume in an area where fat causes unwanted bulk, and it enhances other areas where fuller contours are desired. This advanced technique can be used to shape and boost the breasts, the buttocks, and the face.

The results from a fat transfer procedure are especially natural-looking because the volume comes from a patient’s own fat. Our plastic surgeons take great care in their work, both in collecting the necessary fat cells and in injecting the right amount.

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Many people have some part of their body they wish were enhanced, whether that’s breasts that have always been small, lips that have thinned with age, a butt that deflated after pregnancy, or something else. Many people also happen to have areas they wish were a bit smaller.

Fat transfer solves both problems at once. The procedure involves making an incision in a donor area, such as the thighs or belly, so we can use liposuction to extract living fat cells. This reduces bulk and provides the material to be used in the enhancement. The fat cells are carefully cleaned so that they remain healthy and undamaged. Then, they are injected into the target area, where they integrate themselves into the existing tissue.

Patients should know that fat transfer results are often subtle, making them good for patients who want modest size increases. When used to enhance the breasts, for example, this procedure will not create as dramatic a change as implants can—but it is an option for refining the results of breast augmentation surgery.

Fat transfer for the face can create pouty lips and fuller cheeks, as well as soften harsh lines and correct hollows and sagging.

When applied to the buttocks—a procedure is known as a Brazilian butt lift—fat transfer can create a rounder look or address mild sagging.


Expect some tenderness, possible bruising, and swelling in two places: the donor site and the place where the fat cells were injected. The swelling and other effects will resolve over a few weeks, and it is important to note that not all of the cells will survive the fat transfer process. This means the results may “fluctuate” a bit before finally settling over a few months.

Take extra care of both sites involved in a fat transfer procedure, avoiding impacts to the area where the new cells were injected, as well as to the donor area. We also recommend choosing light walking and similar activities for several weeks, leaving any heavier exercise until after you are healed.

Since the new volume comes from your fat cells, the results will be long-lasting. Your body breaks down the gel in fillers like Juvéderm® and the RHA® Collection, but natural fat cells are more difficult to process.


Since this is a highly variable procedure, the cost of fat transfer will be discussed at your consultation. You can find financing information for this and other procedures elsewhere on our site.


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