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For many cultures, female breasts symbolize beauty, femininity, and vitality.However, many individuals aren’t completely satisfied with the way their breasts look. Thinking of improving the size or shape of your breasts? Breast surgery at New Jersey’s The Peer Group allows plastic surgeons to lift or shape the breasts in various ways. If you’re planning to undergo breast surgery, our team can help you put together a plan and answer any questions you may have. Each breast surgery at our practice is unique and fully customized to the patient.

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What Is Breast Surgery?

Breasts are composed of milk systems, fat, lymph nodes, veins, fibrous tissue, and nerves. They are located on top of the chest wall and pectoral muscles. It’s normal for the breasts to go through a series of changes during your lifetime. Pregnancy causes dramatic changes—such as increases in breast size—and once you stop breastfeeding, they may remain larger than they were, shrink back to their original size, or lose elasticity. During menopause, changing hormonal levels may cause the breasts to become more glandular and have less fatty tissue. That, combined with sagging skin, can cause the breasts to lose shape and hang low. Weight gain and loss also affect the breasts in various ways, since the breasts are primarily made up of fat. When you lose body fat, your breast size may be reduced, while weight gain can cause the amount of fat in your breasts to increase.

Individuals who are considering cosmetic surgery may have questions such as: “Can plastic surgery enhance breast size or shape?” or “What is the most common breast surgery?”

Although breasts come in different shapes and sizes, it’s common to have insecurities. Women may be self-conscious about the way their breasts have always looked or wish to restore them to their former appearance after hormonal changes or weight fluctuations have caused unwanted changes. Many women dislike some aspect of their breasts, such as their shape or size, but may not know what type of cosmetic surgery for the breasts is most suitable for their specific situation.

Types of Breast Surgery

The next thing you may be wondering is: “What are all the types of breast surgery available at New Jersey’s The Peer Group?” Many types of advanced surgical techniques and implants are used for breast surgery in 2023.

We offer three main types of breast surgery or mammoplasty: breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction. If you’re considering any of the following breast surgery options, the first step is to have a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons to find out which type is right for you.

Breast Augmentation

The Peer Group’s plastic surgeons can increase breast size and alter shape via a type of breast surgery called breast augmentation, using implants, fat transfer, or a combination of the two strategies. This is the most common type of breast surgery.

Breast Lift

breast lift is a form of breast surgery that surgically elevates breasts that have migrated “downward” due to loss of skin elasticity and other factors. The surgery creates a perkier look.

Breast Reconstruction

Mastectomy and lumpectomy patients looking to maintain or restore their breast shape during or after their breast cancer treatment can do so with oncoplastic breast reconstruction.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction allows women with heavy, pendulous breasts to reduce their volume and relieve the associated weight, as well as achieve a better fit in bras and clothing.

Breast Implant Removal

Patients who want to update their look, address complications, or otherwise alter the results of an augmentation procedure can choose breast implant removal.

Male Breast Reduction For Gynecomastia

Male breast reduction removes fat and tissue from the chest area to sculpt a flatter physique for men who have developed the appearance of breasts.

Ideal Candidates

Am I a good candidate for breast surgery? The criteria for eligibility varies depending on what type of breast surgery you are interested in, but generally you will be an ideal candidate for any type if you are in good physical health, are at a stable weight, do not smoke or consume significant amounts of alcohol, are bothered by the appearance of your breasts, maintain realistic expectations, and are having the procedure done strictly for yourself rather than because someone else wants you to.

We will discuss all of these qualifications and more at an initial consultation. Every potential breast surgery patient will get to ask our team all the questions they want, as well as get a realistic assessment of the results possible, whether the choice is augmentation, lift, reduction, or even a combination of procedures. Our goal is to deliver beautiful results that look natural and enhance your appearance by offering comprehensive procedures in a safe and welcoming setting.

Vectra® 3d Imaging

Vectra® 3D Imaging creates sophisticated 3D virtual “portraits” of patients to show what the effects of breast surgery, such as augmentation or a lift, could do. Our team works directly with breast surgery patients to create the imaging, which can be altered to show realistic possible results. This allows patients to “try out” their procedures before actually settling on any specific course of action or undergoing any surgery.

Alternatives to Breast Enhancement

The Peer Group provides a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures, non-surgical options and skin care treatments for the face and body. If you’re interested in options beyond breast surgery, there are other treatments available to enhance the body shape, such as liposuction to reduce pockets of resistant fat on isolated areas for a slimmer shape, tummy tuck surgery to address loose skin, excess fat, and stretched muscles for a more toned abdominal area, a body lift to remove loose skin and fat from the upper or lower body after significant weight loss, or an arm lift to improve the shape of the upper arms. All of these procedures can restore a more proportional, balanced body shape. A Mommy Makeover is a customized combination of surgeries that may include a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, or other treatments to address physical changes associated with pregnancy.