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The Peer Group uses Vectra® 3D Imaging for consultations in New Jersey, employing the advanced imaging system to take a full scan of a patient’s desired treatment area. Then, with 3D imaging technology, we can easily create virtual images that show the results possible with various procedures and surgical techniques.

This technology is available to patients seeking breast augmentation, a breast lift, or rhinoplasty surgery.


Vectra® 3D Imaging


Contact The Peer Group about Vectra® 3D Imaging in New Jersey. Request a consultation online, or call 973-822-3000.

What Is the Benefit of Vectra® 3D Imaging?

The Vectra® 3D Imaging system allows The Peer Group plastic surgeons to give patients clear examples of the results they can expect from a procedure. It also allows us to compare the results of different options side by side, so a patient can select the ideal procedure or combination of techniques.

Overall, this system helps to provide the best possible care to patients, as well as to set clear expectations from the beginning.


How Much Does Vectra® 3D Imaging Cost?

Vectra XT

Vectra® 3D Imaging is included in the consultation process for appropriate procedures. During a breast augmentation, breast lift, or rhinoplasty consultation, we will use the imaging technology to explore and discuss your treatment options.

The Peer Group charges a flat $200 fee for consultations, all of which is then put toward the cost of a chosen procedure. Learn more about payment options by visiting the dedicated fees and financing page.

What Is the Vectra® 3D Imaging Experience?

All that the highly advanced Vectra® 3D Imaging system requires of patients is for them to stand in front of the imaging device. The system quickly takes photographs of the entire body and processes the resulting images. It produces interactive 3D images that can be used to explore and compare procedure options. Throughout this discussion, we describe the techniques involved in each procedure and even simulate the results that can be achieved.

How Can I Benefit from Vectra® 3D Imaging?

If you are unsure of the cosmetic surgery procedure that is best for you, the Vectra® 3D imaging system can help you find the ideal option by exploring techniques and comparing possible outcomes. Reviews have shown that the 3D images are highly accurate and effective, helping patients visualize their results and ultimately leading to higher satisfaction rates following the procedure of choice.

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