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Even if you can combat signs of aging in your face, remember that your neck is also susceptible to the effects of gravity and aging skin. Just about everyone experiences wrinkles, lines, and sagging over time, but not everyone realizes that the neck area is often one of the first places these cosmetic problems show up. With a neck lift, New Jersey’s The Peer Group can address the laxity to create sleeker contours for a more youthful appearance.

While a neck lift may be performed on its own, it is often combined with other facial surgery procedures, such as a facelift. Our plastic surgeons want all of The Peer Group’s patients to be satisfied with their results, which is why we work to explain the importance of comprehensive rejuvenation. Targeting the face while leaving the neck alone can draw attention away from the sleeker facial contours and to the sagging appearance of the neck.

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Surgical lifts involve removing excess, stretched-out skin that hangs down in areas where it once sat tight and firm, and neck lifts are no different. As skin ages, it loses its supportive structure due to the increasing breakdown of collagen and elastin. Unable to remain elevated as gravity pulls it downward, skin—as well as fat and other tissues—start to droop.

This can also be a problem for people who lose considerable weight. If the weight loss is rapid or the skin is older and damaged by age, it can remain stretched out by the large fat cells that once filled the space below.

To remove this redundant skin, incisions will be made beneath the chin and around the ears, where the lines are well hidden by the natural contours and features of the face. The loose skin will be trimmed, stubborn fat will be suctioned out, and the remaining skin will be positioned so that it lies flat and reveals a more sculpted jawline.

Procedure Types

Our plastic surgeons are thoroughly experienced in neck lifts and related surgeries, so the team is prepared to assess your face and suggest an appropriate plan based on your cosmetic goals. The ideal neck lift technique will depend on the degree of sagging on the neck, as well as whether other procedures will be performed at the same time.


Your neck might not be a highly active part of your body, but we still recommend avoiding intense exercise and heavy lifting for at least a month after your lift, to get the best results possible. Post-surgical discomfort should be expected, along with swelling and bruising that will fade within weeks. Keep in mind recovery from a neck lift combined with a facelift will be more extensive than after a neck lift alone.

A neck lift or lower rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure that involves altering the skin, fat, and muscle of the neck area. It has many benefits, such as treating excess fat and skin relaxation on the lower face or jowls, loose skin on the neck, fatty deposits below the skin, and muscle banding on the neck. The result will be an improved appearance in the neck, jaw, and lower face—but what can you expect during neck lift recovery? Our New Jersey-based team at The Peer Group for Plastic Surgery knows this is a question that will be on your mind when you are planning this type of cosmetic surgery. See below for more advice on what you can expect during recovery after neck lift surgery and the best post-facial surgery care tips

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Recovery Advice

When it comes to plastic surgery, post-operative care or post-plastic surgery care is essential for helping you get the results you want. This is why it’s so important to know what to do during neck lift recovery. We can explain more about neck lift recovery time. We will give you neck lift recovery guidelines on how to care for surgical sites, medications to take, and any specific concerns to look for.

Facelift vs Neck Lift Recovery

Keep your head elevated to minimize swelling during neck lift recovery, as well as straight to avoid excessive twisting or bending of the neck. Recovery time after a facelift will typically be longer than neck lift recovery. Since work on the lower face is often less involved, recovery after lower facelifts will also usually be shorter than recovery from facelifts.

Want to find out more about recovery time after a neck lift surgery or recovery time after a lower facelift? You can find out more about different aspects of these procedures such as neck lift cost and recovery time, or how men’s face surgery compares to procedures that are done for female patients. You can also explore full facelift, facelift recovery photos, or neck lift recovery photos.

Other Procedures

There are other types of procedures you can consider in addition to a neck lift, such as a facelift, a mini facelift on men, or even a jowl lift. A lower facelift is designed to address signs of aging below the corners of the mouth.


Patients who are looking for non-surgical facelift options may also want to look into facial rejuvenation or find out more about other types of non-surgical approaches. The Peer Group provides non-surgical treatments to improve the appearance of the jaw and neck area, including Kybella®, an injectable containing a type of acid that dissolves fat. Hyaluronic acid fillers including the Juvéderm® and RHA® collections can also improve the appearance of the jaw and neckline area. They can strengthen the jawline, provide a sharper and more chiseled look to the cheeks, lift downturned mouth corners, reduce wrinkles around the mouth, and much more.


We are happy to discuss general financing information with patients at any time, but specific costs for neck lifts and other surgeries should be discussed at a patient’s consultation.


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