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Facial Procedures Florham Park, NJ

Face surgery at New Jersey’s The Peer Group allows patients to sculpt the look they want, whether by lifting tissues that have sagged with age or shaping prominent features—like the nose or ears—to make them appear more proportional. The goal of every face surgery procedure is to create natural-looking results that complement a person’s other features.

Our plastic surgeons have experience with a wide range of procedures designed for facial contouring. Read on to learn about the various options available and discover what each surgery can accomplish.

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facelift addresses sagging skin and other tissues within the mid- and lower face to create firmer, more youthful contours.


Rhinoplasty reshapes and resizes the nose, using a variety of techniques to adjust the bridge, tip, nostrils, and more. Nose surgery can also be functional to help improve airflow.

Brow Lift

brow lift elevates a drooping forehead to change a heavy, brooding look into an alert and energized one.

Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelid lift, corrects sagging upper lids, pouches beneath the eyes, or both as desired.

Ear Surgery

Otoplasty, the technical term for cosmetic ear surgery, alters ear size and shape to make them less prominent and more proportional.

Neck Lift

Excess skin and fat that create a look of laxity below the face can be corrected with a focused neck lift.

Neck Liposuction

Particularly stubborn pockets of fat that cause a double chin or jowls can be removed with neck liposuction.

Fat Transfer

Fat cells can be collected from the belly or elsewhere on the body, then moved via fat transfer to the face, where they can enhance the lips and restore youthful cheek contours.

Vectra 3D Imaging

The Peer Group uses Vectra® 3D Imaging for specific face surgery patients: those considering nose surgery. The technology can virtually reveal how the results could look.

Chin Augmentation

Patients who want a more prominent profile can opt for chin augmentation, which uses an implant to increase definition along the jawline.


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