Rhinoplasty, also known as “nose reshaping”, is one of the most intricate and complex cosmetic procedures that plastic surgeons perform. Patients considering rhinoplasty, in most cases, are looking to cosmetically change an aspect of their nose but in some situations, patients have medical concerns. It can be a solution for a variety of needs but having the right plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty procedure is crucial. Plastic surgeons have to work in a delicate manner with precision in a small target area of the face. Structural changes to your nose can alter the way your face looks but talented, qualified New Jersey area plastic surgeons would concur that a good rhinoplasty procedure can have exceptional outcomes for both a patient’s physical and emotional well-being. This is especially true for patients who have always felt self-conscious about their nose.

Here is some helpful information provided by the Peer Group for Plastic Surgery, for patients throughout the greater New Jersey area considering rhinoplasty, and what they need to know about their surgical care when considering this surgery.

The nose is the central focus

If you think about it, the nose is the central part of the face. It has a profound effect on the relationship with other aspects of the facial structure, creating balance and harmony. Changes to the nose can formatively change a patient’s overall appearance. Since it is the central focus of the face, a good rhinoplasty experience allows an “altered nose” to still be natural-looking. An attractive nose blends in with other aspects of a patient’s face instead of standing out. When a patient undergoes rhinoplasty, the ultimate goal is to see an outcome that looks soft, natural, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing. Even more important, preserving all of the natural functions of the nose where breathing is concerned is also crucial during surgery.

A patient’s need for change

Most patients throughout greater New Jersey considering rhinoplasty have an aspect about their nose that does stand out which is why they want to change it. Rhinoplasty can treat a variety of cosmetic needs for patients. It can remove bumps or reshape nostrils if they are too large, wide, or turn upward. It can reduce the width of a patient’s bridge or change the overall proportion of the nose to be smaller. A rhinoplasty procedure can create balance with the other features of a patient’s face making them feel more confident. Even medical needs like a broken nose or a deviated septum can be corrected with rhinoplasty so whatever a patient needs the surgical care is a key factor with this highly complex procedure.

Surgical care is key

Every person’s nose is unique. Every person’s nose is different. The nose’s 3-dimensional shape makes this procedure surgically difficult and also uniquely different from other cosmetic procedures. Most people don’t like their nose or some aspect about it which makes rhinoplasty the 3rd most popular cosmetic procedure. This highly detailed procedure not only changes the cosmetic aspects of the nose but also its structure of it. This small target area, with intricate tissues and infrastructure, means the slightest change or surgical error can have a big impact. This balancing act for a plastic surgeon is one of the many reasons finding a qualified, experienced doctor is highly important.

Rhinoplasty surgical experience

Since the nose is a complex facial feature with size and shape, a minor change can have a big impact on how it looks and functions. This is all the more reason why having a plastic surgeon with rhinoplasty experience plus the creative talent to sculpt and create the nose only gives patients the best end results. Facial cosmetic surgery requires a distinct surgery craft and years of performing these surgeries so that with each outcome, a natural result is attained. Here are some important factors for patients, in the greater New Jersey area, to consider for their surgical care:

  • Surgical skill and experience with rhinoplasty procedures-with either open or closed techniques.

  • Surgical skill to graft skin or tissue from other areas, if needed.

  • Before and after photos of actual patients with their rhinoplasty results.

  • Rhinoplasty revision or reshaping experience.

  • Before and after photos of actual patients with rhinoplasty revisions, if needed.

  • Patient recommendations or reviews of their rhinoplasty experience.

Creative eye and surgical skill together

The right surgeon with an artistic eye to reshape and resculpt your new nose is key for a good rhinoplasty experience. This procedure gives patient’s balance so their nose will fit with the other features of their face. It has an artistic element to it so the plastic surgeon must create and sculpt a patient’s new nose in order to fit harmoniously with the other features of their face. Another balancing act for this cosmetic procedure requires plastic surgeons to have an artistic intuition as well as surgical expertise. A combination of both elements gives patients the best end results. The qualified, experienced plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ can provide both factors to patients so they can have the nose they’ve always desired.

If you want to correct, enhance, or reshape your nose then the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group can help. Don’t put off your need for a nose job just find the right plastic surgeon with the qualities and qualifications needed to give you the best rhinoplasty experience. The Peer Group is a surgical group of qualified plastic surgeons with extensive rhinoplasty experience so you can start loving the look of your nose sooner rather than later. Call or schedule your rhinoplasty consultation with The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ today.