The latest technology in implants has given patients who are considering breast augmentation the best of both worlds–both an enhanced look with safer options. Since FDA approval in 2014, IDEAL implants are the hot, new alternative in breast augmentation when giving patients a boost to their bustline. With a compelling name, IDEAL implants are ideally made up of saline but have the look and feel of silicone. Any woman considering breast augmentation often finds themselves asking the main question, what type of implant should I choose–silicone or saline? Now, they can have the best of both in one!

The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group, in Florham Park, NJ, want to get the word out that there is another option in breast implants that is making its mark in the aesthetic space and for women in the greater New Jersey area contemplating their choices, maybe it is the right choice for you!

The implant debate

One of the main concerns for patients considering breast implants is are they safe? By today’s standards, all breast implants are considered extremely safe. Even with a rare risk of a rupture or “silent leak” most patients opt for silicone gel implants because they feel more like breast tissue. Patients who pick saline implants feel more comfortable with them being filled with sterile saltwater but a downside can be they don’t feel as natural. Now there is a new player in the mix and it is shaking things up! IDEAL implants are giving patients the peace of mind that their implant is saline-based but has the touch or feel of silicone. Let’s take a look at this new innovative breast implant that has patients and surgeons talking.

The IDEAL implants

Patients in New Jersey are discussing this new option for implants because it offers the positive elements of both saline and silicone. Unlike other breast implants, IDEAL implants have structure and internal layers inside the implant casing. IDEAL implants have actually been coined the “Structured Breast Implant” because it is comprised of a complex multishell structure that holds two compartments filled with saline. It is designed and constructed to allow for the saline inside to move around and “feel natural” but keeps it compartmentalized so it still has structure. The saline compartments are filled once the implants are inserted much like with traditional saline implants.

What are the main perks of IDEAL implants?

When discussing the advantages of this new implant there are several positives it brings to breast augmentation with its innovative design.

  • The multishell aspect makes the IDEAL implant quite different. Traditional saline implants are one inflatable shell, like a water balloon, that is filled once implanted. With IDEAL implants there are multiple layers, that the saline fills once implanted. This saline is able to move throughout the layers and structures more freely but not so easily that it loses its shape.

  • The overall design of IDEAL implants is a more natural shape to fit the contour of the chest wall. Traditional saline implants are an empty single shells. Since IDEAL implants are made up of multiple layers it gives the saline more foundation much like silicone gel implants. One of the main reasons patients pick silicone implants is because they have better shape and look more like a natural breast. IDEAL implants are bringing that silicone element to patients but with the perk, they are filled with saline.

  • Those multishell layers also reduce the risk of a rupture or leaking. Even though today rarely a risk with traditional saline or silicone implants, IDEAL implants would need to have several layers broken or punctured in order to cause a leak or rupture. Plus, the good part about IDEAL implants is that they are filled with saltwater, which puts many patients at ease.

Other perks about IDEAL implants

Other reasons that patients in the Florham Park and greater New Jersey area are considering this new IDEAL implant are due to:

  • Low rupture rate

  • No need for regular MRIs to detect any ruptures–it will deflate like traditional saline implants

  • Youthful shape and contour

  • Smooth surface

  • Smaller incision like traditional saline implants

What about traditional silicone or saline implants?

Both traditional silicone and saline implants are widely popular, used everyday, and still chosen by hundreds of thousands of women. They are manufactured to be safe, effective, and offer gorgeous, lasting results. Our New Jersey plastic surgery center still relies on these staple implants because they deliver excellent outcomes. With the added benefit of being able to offer even more options with the IDEAL implants, patients now have more choices depending on what their personal goals are. During your consultation, we will assess your body type, discuss your goals for your desired aesthetic outcome, and look at all the breast implant options that can be considered.

With the design of the new IDEAL breast implant, you get the benefits of both saline and silicone all in one implant! The IDEAL implant offers a youthful contour and shape like silicone but without the worry that some patients feel about silicone. It gives patients a natural look and a new peace of mind. If you want beautiful, natural-looking breasts without the worry, then IDEAL implants may be right for you.

The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ are always keeping their practice up to date on the latest developments and IDEAL implants are the next best thing in breast augmentation. If you are considering a breast augmentation with implants procedure and are interested to learn more about IDEAL implants, as well as the other implant options available, we invite you to contact our plastic surgery center or schedule a consultation with The Peer Group today!