Is a female that is athletic or highly active excluded from considering breast augmentation? The answer is no. Women who are athletic or physically fit work hard to look their best and stay in shape. As a woman’s body fat lessens, it can change the shape and size of the breasts since the breasts are mainly composed of fatty tissue. If a woman is lean or has an athletic build then the odds are her breasts reflect that same appearance. All the more reason why active women should consider enhancing they’re already fit profile with breast implants. The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ want to give fit, athletic greater New Jersey area women helpful information on breast augmentation options while maintaining their active lifestyle.

The importance of femininity

Breasts are an important part of a woman’s sense of femininity. There is no reason why an active or physically fit woman shouldn’t consider enhancing her breasts with implants to add fullness and shape to help feel feminine and sexy. Today’s breast augmentation procedures offer several options for women of any body type. Just because a woman is strong and muscular doesn’t mean it should overshadow her femininity. One of the biggest motivating factors for women that stay in shape is their desire to look their best. If that last element of achieving an overall look means enhancing your breasts, then breast augmentation can be the solution.

Implant considerations for athletic women

Most athletic or fitness-minded women have different aspects to consider for their breast augmentation procedure. If you play a sport, have a rigorous exercise routine, or are extremely active then you need to consider the best way to enhance your body without it getting in the way of your lifestyle. Careful consideration, with your plastic surgeon about factors such as implant size, type, and placement are key discussion points for athletic or active women.

  • Implant size- Larger implants will be heavier so they may have more impact on an active lifestyle and in some cases can cause pain or discomfort especially with high-impact exercising or sports. Fitness-minded women should consider moderate to small-sized implants to give them the best comfort, which can still have a big impact on changing the overall appearance or size of their breasts.

  • Implant placement- Implant placement is key for active women. Placing a breast implant under the pectoralis major chest muscle helps protect the implant and allows for a natural look. Under the muscle, placement is known as submuscular placement. This creates a result that tends to look more natural because the implants are covered by breast tissue as well as the pectoral muscle. Another important factor is the protection that this type of placement allows. If running, lifting weights, or another type of fitness activity where you move your arms and put an impact on your body is taking place, then placing the implant on top of the chest muscle could result in poor results in the future.

  • Implant type – Silicone implants are typically recommended for athletic or lean women due to being lighter in weight than its counterpart of saline. Saline implants are also typically not recommended for lean women or women who may have thin breast tissue or low body fat due to problems with “rippling”. Silicone implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which allows athletic women plenty of options.

Recovery and ongoing fitness

If you are a female bodybuilder or regular weightlifter, this means you spend time in the gym training with weights. Many New Jersey area women may be worried about a possible loss of chest strength after breast augmentation surgery if the pectoral muscle is altered. In addition, when flexing the chest, a visible change in breast shape can also be a concern. When breast augmentation surgery is performed correctly, the loss of muscle strength is usually temporary during the recovery period. Once you are cleared to resume weight lifting, the best advice is to take it slow and not rush back into lifting too heavy or performing moves that may affect your immediate results. Following the appropriate recovery period, most women are able to build back up to their routines and previous fitness level.

Are breast implants right for you?

With being an active or athletic woman, special considerations need to be thought through prior to breast augmentation surgery. As with any elective cosmetic surgery, planning and considering certain factors is key in getting the best end results in order to love your new look. There are plenty of options for active women considering breast implants that won’t impede on their fitness regimen but can complement their lean, fit body. Discussing your goals and options with a board-certified plastic surgeon, like the ones at The Peer Group serving the greater New Jersey area, is imperative to give you the right outcome so you can continue your current active lifestyle. Just because you are athletic, fit, or play a sport doesn’t mean you can’t improve the appearance of your breasts and feel more feminine.

Every woman should feel good about their body especially active, physically fit women who work hard to maintain their figure. If the one aspect missing is your breasts not feeling or looking attractive, then considering breast augmentation is more an option today than ever. With so many breast implant advancements, athletic women have options to enhance their look without hindering their active life. Just because you have decided to “up your breast size” doesn’t mean it will limit you!

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