What Liposuction Can and Can’t Do For You

What Liposuction Can and Can’t Do For You

While there are numerous plastic surgery techniques designed specifically to shape and contour the body, liposuction remains one of the most commonly performed procedures. With lipo, fat is suctioned through a small tube from areas including the thighs, back, hips, and abdomen to create a smoother appearance. Despite its wild popularity and proven results, many people remain unclear about what can - and cannot - be accomplished with liposuction. The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, are dedicated to educating New Jersey area patients about this tried-and-true procedure.

Liposuction Can...

Remove fat that resists diet and exercise efforts

While burning more calories than you consume is usually the best method to lose unwanted pounds, there is no way for people to select from what area of the body precisely they will experience that loss - be it on their legs, back, belly or elsewhere.The situation can prove extremely frustrating given that some areas seemingly hang onto stored fat more fiercely than others. With liposuction, stubborn fat cells are removed and broken down manually from targeted problem areas. The results are often visible immediately following the procedure.

Remove fat from just about anywhere on the body

The midsection can be particularly problematic for many patients hoping to achieve a slimmed-down appearance. While liposuction can help to contour the abdomen, its versatility also makes it an effective spot reducer in other areas including the upper arms, knees, and thighs. Liposuction can even target the face in areas such as the chin where a “double chin” may appear. So-called “love handles” on the hips, bra-bulges on the back, and other localized areas of fat also can be treated with liposuction and sculpted for a smoother appearance.

Provide the finishing touches for weight loss

Losing even moderate amounts of weight is an often long and frustrating task. When patients in New Jersey finally do achieve their weight loss goals, it can be disheartening to look in the mirror and still see a bothersome bulge here or there. In these situations, liposuction can remove pesky pockets of leftover fat so that patients can confidently flaunt their new-and-improved bodies that they worked so hard for.

Produce specific, sculpted results

Besides eliminating fat, liposuction helps create curves to assist patients in attaining the ideal figure and physique that they desire. For example, those looking to maintain volume in their buttocks and thighs can slim their hips by consulting with the board-certified surgeons at The Peer Group to create individualized results with minimal scarring since only small incisions are required during most liposuction procedures.

Provide fat for use in other areas of the body

Another important function of liposuction is its ability to allow fat to be transferred from areas of the body where it is unwanted to others where it may be needed. Once the fat is removed, the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, are able to purify the cells and inject them into the buttocks, breasts or face to create the volume that patients desire and address multiple cosmetics concerns all at once.

As versatile and effective as liposuction can be for patients in search of immediate, long-lasting improvements to their shape - as well as a dramatic boost to their self-confidence - there are some limitations associated with the procedure.

Liposuction Cannot …

Remove sagging skin, cellulite or stretch marks

It is a common misconception that liposuction has the ability to diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks as well as tighten sagging skin. Unfortunately, none of these are achievable through lipo. This is due to the fact that changes that occur in the body due to fluctuations in weight and pregnancy not only stretch the skin but also muscle. Once the fat is lost or removed, sagging skin can result. Liposuction patients in New Jersey may also wish to discuss with their surgeon the possibility of undergoing additional cosmetic-surgery procedures - such as arm and thigh lifts and tummy tucks - to restore their skin’s firmness in these areas.

Result in dramatic weight loss

While it can safely, effectively, and successfully remove small amounts of fat, and provide results that are often immediately noticeable, liposuction cannot stimulate the body to shed significant amounts of weight. The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group encourage patients to employ liposuction as the finishing touch, so to speak, once they have achieved their weight-loss goals through other methods. Lipo is most effective when it is used to sculpt or remove stubborn pockets of fat has proven resistant to diet and exercise.

Prevent future weight gain

Did you know that the number of fat cells in the body remains relatively stable throughout life? Weight gain and loss occur when existing fat cells grow and shrink. Lipo removes fat cells from targeted areas with the expectation that they will not return. However, if a patient gains a small amount of weight following the procedure, fat cells throughout the body will increase. While a slight weight gain can diminish the results of liposuction, for the most part, the improved body shape that resulted from the procedure should still be visible because lipo-treated areas contain fewer fat cells than those around them.

Replace weight loss efforts

There is simply no substitute for the health benefits associated with having a lower body mass index, nor the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing a smaller number on the bathroom scale. While the goal of liposuction is to remove fat and create desired contours, New Jersey patients are generally advised to be at their goal weight prior to undergoing the procedure. They should also strive to maintain a healthy weight in order to enjoy the results of their liposuction surgery for as long as possible.

Liposuction is among the most requested plastic surgery procedures. By taking a closer look at this popular surgery, patients can better determine whether lipo is the best option to assist them in achieving the shape, contours, and curves they desire. We encourage you to contact our surgery center and schedule a consultation with the talented, board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ. Our greater New Jersey plastic surgery practice is dedicated to educating patients about the latest state-of-the-art medical innovations and technology available.


Innovative implants are IDEAL for NJ patients

When it comes to breast augmentation surgery there are many decisions for patients to make. First and foremost, they must decide whether to opt for saline or silicone implants. Thanks to recent advancements in implant technology and design, that selection has become easier for many women. Groundbreaking IDEAL implants combine the most desirable features of traditional implants - namely, the safety of saline and the natural look and feel of silicone - into one state-of-the-art device. As a result of this amazing versatility, IDEAL implants have become a top choice among New Jersey area patients as well as physicians including the board-certified plastic surgeons at the Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ.

How IDEAL are they?

Unlike traditional saline and silicone implants, which feature only one outer shell, IDEAL implants are composed of two inner chambers that contain a saline filler made of sterilized saltwater. These chambers are encased in a shell, which minimizes the movement of the saline solution and prevents the signature “bounce” for which saline implants are known. They also help protect the implant from experiencing a rupture that results in leakage. IDEAL implants are only available in one round shape and projection type, which helps to lessen the uncertainties related to proper sizing which may be encountered with other implants.

Designed by plastic surgeons to address patient concerns about both the safety and aesthetic appearance of silicone and saline implants, structured IDEAL implants are manufactured in the United States. A decade was spent on the development and testing of IDEAL implants. Numerous physicians with years of experience performing breast augmentation surgeries weighed in on their many advantages. Approved by the FDA, IDEAL implants successfully mimic the more-natural breast appearance and movement that typically is afforded by silicone implants.

IDEAL versus silicone implants

Smooth-surfaced IDEAL implants are less likely to rupture than their similarly priced silicone counterparts. Studies have shown that New Jersey women with IDEAL implants may be less prone to experiencing capsular contractions than with silicone implants. This condition occurs when the scar tissue that forms normally around implants hardens and squeezes the device, which can impact the breast’s appearance and result in pain.

Unlike with silicone implants, there is no risk for a silent rupture to occur with IDEAL implants. When such a break takes place with a silicone implant, it can be a real concern for patients as the silicone gel can migrate to other areas of the body and impact tissue. The only way to determine whether such a rupture has happened is with an MRI. Because of this, the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, recommend that women with silicone implants undergo this diagnostic test once every three years to proactively check on the status of their implant. Ruptured silicone implants must be removed, along with any silicone gel that has leaked from it. The anxiety associated with this uncertainty often causes women to select saline implants over those filled with silicone. Therefore, IDEAL implants may also provide patients with the peace of mind they need to feel comfortable and confident in their implant decision.

It is also worth noting that teardrop-shaped silicone implant (known as a “Gummy Bear” implant) have the ability to rotate in the breast, causing it to take on an abnormal shape and appearance. This situation is unlikely to occur in patients who have opted for IDEAL implants.

Same saline, different design

The unique construction of IDEAL implants makes them less likely to wrinkle or take on the rippled appearance that often is associated with traditional saline implants. This also may account for its increased durability over other styles of implants. The sculpted edges of IDEAL implants help ensure that it rests well against the chest wall to help create a more natural-breast appearance. Just like its predecessor, IDEAL implants are filled with saline after being inserted into the breast. This allows the board-certified surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, to make smaller incisions and achieve better symmetrical than usually is possible with silicone implants. Because IDEAL implants require a less sizeable incision to place than other implants, resulting surgical scars may be less noticable.

In the event that it is deemed necessary to do so in the future, IDEAL implants also are easier to remove. As is the case with regular saline implants, IDEAL implants deflate when a leak has occurred, which indicates an obvious issue. No inconvenient and expensive MRI is required to confirm the diagnosis - patients in New Jersey need only look in the mirror. The harmless, sterile saline solution is safely absorbed by the body.

Are IDEAL implants right for you?

As with traditional saline implants, IDEAL implants are approved for use in patients over the age of 18 who are in good overall health and desire the more youthful appearance that an enhanced bustline can provide. Patients with sagging breasts also may notice a dramatic improvement when IDEAL implants are included as part of a breast lift surgery.

During your consultation with the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, you are encouraged to ask any questions you have, including specifics about surgery. Be advised that the procedure may be slightly longer in duration than the hour typically required to complete most breast augmentations. Due to the pioneering design of IDEAL implants, they are required to be filled in a very specific manner. You also will be able to view before-and-after photos of patients who previously have had IDEAL implants placed so that you may glean some insight about how your own potential results. Our skilled surgeons will inquire about the results you desire from breast augmentation surgery, as well as make recommendations about how those goals can best be achieved. As with any plastic surgery procedure, patients should be able to set and maintain reasonable and realistic expectations for the outcome of their breast augmentation surgery.

Given their proven safety and natural-looking appeal, New Jersey patients can feel confident in their selection of IDEAL implants as part of their breast augmentation surgery. To learn more about these innovative implants and how they can help you achieve the significantly enhanced bustline that you desire, contact the board-certified surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, and schedule a consultation today!

10 Popular Questions About Breast Augmentation Answered

10 Popular Questions About Breast Augmentation Answered

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed throughout the greater New Jersey area. No wonder, since the results are often life-changing for women. It can serve not only to enhance their physical appearance but, for many, also significantly boosts their self-confidence. As with any medical procedure, knowledge is key for those considering breast augmentation. The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ understand this and have expertly answered patients’ top questions about this exciting procedure.

What type of breast implants are right for me?

Approved for use in patients age 18 and older, saline implants are filled with sterile salt water. Silicone implants, available to those over age 22, contain a gel and feel most similar to natural breast tissue. Silicone-filled, teardrop-shaped “Gummy Bear” implants retain their shape if ruptured and feel firmer than traditional silicone implants. Structured implants, known as IDEAL implants, are composed of multiple shells between which saline is inserted, resulting in a more natural-breast feel than is afforded by traditional saline implants.

How do I choose the correct size?

Breast augmentation is customized to each individual. When it comes to implants, size definitely matters, as does a woman’s desired aesthetic outcome. Several factors - including body type, height, weight and current chest size - must be considered during an extensive pre-surgery consultation with your physician. At The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, our board-certified plastic surgeons work closely with patients to determine what size implants will produce the best results. It is critical that patients not be over-augmented, as that can cause movement of the breast tissue toward the outside (called lateralization) and result in a distorted look that makes the breasts appear too large for the body.

Will implants improve my cleavage?

Contrary to popular belief, breast implants may not significantly enhance cleavage. That actually is dependent upon factors including the shape and diameter of the breasts preoperatively, the amount of breast tissue a woman has, and the degree to which the breasts are augmented. For the most part, patients who have an average-sized chest wall have a better chance of experiencing cleavage improvements. However, the results cannot be guaranteed since

Implants may actually push breasts outward and toward the side, which may ultimately diminish the appearance of cleavage.

Can sagging breasts be “lifted” by implants?

While most women will experience at least a moderate lift when breast implants are placed, those with sagging breasts (a condition called “ptosis”) may additionally require a breast lift surgery called mastopexy. Unlike breast augmentation, this procedure removes excess skin and will result in additional scars. Without it, implants alone likely will not correct the appearance of sagging breasts.

How do you prevent implants from appearing “rippled”?

Ideally, implants are placed where there is adequate breast tissue, either above or below the pectoralis major muscle. It is important that saline implants not be over-or underfilled, both of which can cause a rippled appearance. Silicone implants placed under the muscle may be the best choice for patients who lack an adequate amount of breast tissue. In either case, it should be noted that most women will be able to feel the implant in the lower outside quadrant of their breast.

What will my recovery be like?

Most patients in the greater New Jersey area that come to our Florham Park, NJ plastic surgery center recover quickly and are up and about within a day of surgery. Some pain, swelling, and discomfort are expected, but can usually be alleviated with the help of pain medications. Patients typically can return to work in a week, although activities that include lifting or stretching the arms will likely be uncomfortable and should be modified. Women should avoid exercises that involve the pectoralis muscle, such as push-ups and planks, for a while. Breast augmentation patients usually can resume their regular workout regimens in about a month. Following your recovery period, the breasts should feel normal.

Will I lose nipple sensation after surgery?

It is common to experience some sensory changes following breast augmentation surgery, particularly if the implant is large. While some loss of sensation is acceptable, typically it does return to the nipple in three to 12 months. This is especially true if the implant was placed beneath the muscle. However, a small percentage of women do experience long-lasting changes in nipple sensation following surgery.

Will I be able to breastfeed after augmentation?

Most women are still able to breastfeed successfully after receiving implants. When an implant is placed below the breast tissue, it does not impact the ability to produce milk. Likewise, placing it below the muscle preserves proper breast function. Allaying another concern of mothers, it appears that neither saline nor silicone implants change the composition of breast milk and therefore it should be safe for babies to consume. The plastic surgeons at The Peer Group, serving the greater New Jersey area, are happy to discuss your breastfeeding concerns during your consultation.

What if I have a problem with my implants?

Knowing whether you an implant has ruptured depends on the type of device you have.Saline implants will deflate and your body will safely absorb and process the sterile solution. Silicone-implant ruptures must be confirmed with an MRI. Because Gummy Bear implants retain their shape, it may not be evident if and when a rupture occurs. Ruptured silicone implants should be surgically removed and/or replaced within several months of a diagnosis. It is recommended that women with silicone implants undergo an MRI about every three years to check for any damage.

Do you have other questions?

Although it is one of the most commonly requested and performed plastic surgery procedures, the decision to undergo breast augmentation is a serious one. From determining your appearance goals and which type of implant is right for you, to set expectations for your recovery process and post-surgery lifestyle, there is much to be considered. If you have questions of your own, including whether you are a candidate for this transformative procedure, we encourage you to contact The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ and schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. Our New Jersey plastic surgery practice is dedicated to providing patients the most up-to-date information about breast augmentation.

A nip here, a tuck there: What body contouring can do for you

A nip here, a tuck there: What body contouring can do for you

Have you recently lost a significant amount of weight and now find yourself feeling frustrated by the excess skin that remains? Do you miss the toned tummy you had before pregnancy? Have age and gravity caused your upper arms to look more like “bat wings”? If your answer to any of these questions was yes, you may be a good candidate for body contouring. A plethora of surgical and nonsurgical procedures can be performed to lift, tuck, tighten, and sculpt the body while creating desired contours that enhance one’s silhouette. The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, have highlighted several of the most popular body-contouring procedures performed at their practice.


One of the top cosmetic surgery procedures in the world, liposuction is extremely effective for removing pockets of fat, especially those that prove impervious to the efforts of diet and exercise. Even those who are at their ideal weight can use it to help banish areas of stubborn fat on the stomach, thighs, hips, back, and even the face. Surgeons make small incisions through which a narrow tube called a cannula is inserted to manually break up and suction out fat cells while simultaneously creating a more toned and youthful appearance. Meanwhile, fat cells that are extracted can be purified and injected into areas, including the breasts and buttocks, where volume may be needed to create a fuller, more curvaceous figure. The versatility of liposuction is one of the reasons it has become a favorite body contouring treatment among New Jersey area patients and physicians alike.

Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is another popular body contouring treatment. Several styles of tummy tucks are available. Each is performed differently to achieve the shared goal of making the midsection appear more trim. During a traditional tummy tuck, the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, create an incision on the lower abdomen and excess skin is removed. Underlying muscles are tightened and liposuction may be employed to remove pockets of fat, both of which work to give the stomach a flatter, firmer look and feel. The belly button may also be repositioned to look more aesthetically pleasing before the remaining skin is pulled tightly over the stomach and the incision is closed. This surgery often is included as part of wildly popular Mommy Makeovers, a collection of procedures designed for women in New Jersey to help restore features impacted by pregnancy and childbirth. An extended tummy tuck, on the other hand, typically is best suited for those who have lost a large amount of weight through diet and exercise or weight-loss surgery and now struggle with excess amounts of sagging fat on the abdomen. The results of an extended tummy tuck can be dramatic, altering a patient’s overall body size and shape.

Breast and other lifts

When the breasts sag due to age, weight loss, or the effects of breastfeeding, a breast lift can be helpful to reposition them on the chest wall. Incisions are made on the breast to remove excess skin, and implants may be placed to enhance their size and shape. Other areas of the body can also benefit from undergoing similar lift procedures, including the thighs, upper arms, face, and buttocks. During a lower body lift, excess skin is removed from the abdomen, outer thighs, hips, and buttocks, oftentimes during a single surgery. This procedure offers the added benefit of smoothing the skin’s surface and improving the dimpled appearance of cellulite.


This nonsurgical procedure requires little or no downtime following treatment to remove persistent, targeted fat. It is approved by the FDA for use by the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group on areas including the back, thighs, upper arms, and abdomen. CoolSculpting involves a process called cryolipolysis, during which specialized equipment crystallizes (or freeze) subcutaneous fat cells, which then go on to die. The body processes the cells naturally over time and eliminates them. A short, deep-tissue massage is performed following each CoolSculpting treatment to help move the fat that has been released by the tissues, as well as boost its drainage from the lymphatic system. Several areas may be able to undergo treatment on the same day. New Jersey patients may begin to notice a more toned, contoured appearance in treated areas within several weeks. Once removed, fat cells cannot return to the body, making it possible to achieve long-lasting results with CoolSculpting.


This innovative treatment uses ultrasound technology to improve the appearance of sagging skin, lines, and wrinkles and provide results similar to those achieved through traditional facelift procedures minus the surgery and extended downtime. This makes it ideal for those who wish to restore a youthful appearance to their skin but who are unable to undergo - or simply would rather avoid - invasive surgery. Cleared by the FDA, Ultherapy employs carefully calibrated levels of ultrasound energy that is deposited deeply into targeted areas of tissue at precise temperatures to stimulate the production of collagen over the course of several months. Most patients of The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, require only one Ultherapy treatment, which typically takes an hour or so to complete and requires no recovery period. Its long-lasting results may include visibly smoother skin and a slimmer-looking face overall.


With the help of laser energy, FDA-cleared SculpSure is able to remove targeted, pesky fat cells from areas including the inner and outer thighs, back, abdomen, and below the chin to create defined contours with minimal discomfort and zero downtime. Treatments take about 25 minutes to perform, during which light-based technology heats and destroys fat cells. All the while, patients are kept cool and comfortable, and most usually are able to return to work or other regular activities immediately following the procedure. Over the course of several weeks to a few months, damaged fat cells are naturally removed by the body’s lymphatic system. The long-lasting results may include a noticeably slimmer appearance in areas treated with SculpSure.

As you can see, numerous body contouring options exist for New Jersey area men and women. Some require surgery and a lengthy recovery period, while others have patients up and moving around within a few moments of their procedure. You are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, to discuss how which of these exciting procedures may help you achieve the more-toned, shapely results that you desire.


Keys to a Successful Rhinoplasty Outcome

Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries requested throughout greater New Jersey and among the most complex of all cosmetic procedures. Noses can be reshaped, changed in size, and angled differently. Tips may be altered while bumps, indentations, and other defects can be corrected. Men and women throughout the greater New Jersey area often opt to undergo rhinoplasty to address features about their noses that they find undesirable. The surgery often dramatically improves one’s facial appearance.

However, rhinoplasties are not always performed solely for cosmetic reasons. The surgery is also employed to correct structural abnormalities within the nose, including a deviated septum which can cause breathing problems. Post-nasal drip, chronic stuffiness, and even snoring can be addressed and possibly resolved through rhinoplasty, which is typically performed on an outpatient basis.

Excited about the prospect of having a new aesthetically pleasing or better-functioning nose, it is easy for patients to overlook some important points about the pre-operative, surgical, and recovery processes associated with rhinoplasty. Dedicated to providing expert-level care, the board-certified surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, are sharing their advice to help ensure patients a successful outcome to this life-changing surgery.

How to select a surgeon.

It is essential to choose a highly qualified and experienced surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty to perform the procedure. Start by researching his or her credentials and medical background. The surgeon should be board certified and have practiced in New Jersey for many years, preferably with a concentration and proven track record of many successful facial plastic surgeries. Having been a member of a plastic surgery board or association and having had relevant work published in peer-review journals are other desirable professional attributes. Don’t be afraid to ask the doctor how many rhinoplasties he or she performs each month versus other types of plastic surgery procedures. In this case, more is definitely better. Remember, an expert surgeon should be able to correct nasal deformities and make the nose look terrific while also preserving nasal-airway function.

Build a rapport with the surgeon.

Beyond having confidence in their qualifications, patients should feel comfortable communicating to the surgeon during an initial consultation and discuss any questions and concerns her or she has about rhinoplasty. They should be able to discuss why they want to undergo the procedure. Are they in search of a more symmetrical nose? Frustrated by an unsightly flat spot? Bothered by a bulge near the tip?

It is crucial that patients maintain realistic expectations about the anticipated outcome of rhinoplasty, especially in regard to his or her appearance. It cannot be stressed enough that patients and surgeons must be on the same page when it comes to the intended surgery goals since results depend largely on the anatomy of the nose.

Experienced surgeons, such as those at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, will be able to draw from patients the information needed to create customized results that best suit the individual. He or she will also explain specifics about the various techniques that are used in rhinoplasty, such as open and closed procedures. The patient’s overall health history and any special risk factors will also be addressed.

Inquire about their revision rate.

Even when rhinoplasty is performed by a highly qualified and capable surgeon, complications stemming from external deformities and breathing issues can arise. These may make a second surgery, referred to as revision rhinoplasty, necessary at a later date. Due to scarred and lost tissue resulting from the initial surgery, these secondary operations can prove particularly challenging.

If a surgeon’s experience with revisions has largely been successful, he or she is likely a good candidate to perform your rhinoplasty surgery. If, however, other patients return frequently for revisions, it may be a clue that the surgeon lacks extensive rhinoplasty experience or has a history of producing less-than-impressive results. In either case, it may be best to consult with another New Jersey area plastic surgeon.

Ask to see before-and-after photos.

When it comes to rhinoplasty, proper proportion is paramount. Be sure to view before-and-after photos or an online portfolio of the surgeon’s previous patients, paying particular attention to whether noses appear proportionate on faces. Also, be sure that revision-rhinoplasty photos are included in the mix. The photographic examples should inspire confidence that the physician’s aesthetics are similar to what you also consider attractive and appealing. At The Peer Group in Florham Park., NJ, our board-certified plastic surgeons strive to design rhinoplasty procedures that ultimately enhance the patients’ features while preserving and improving nasal-airway function.

Speak with previous patients.

If possible, request that the surgeon put you in contact with his or her patients in New Jersey who have previously undergone rhinoplasty. By having an opportunity to speak candidly with them, you should be able to gauge their experience with the doctor as well as impressions about their results.

Follow the surgeon’s orders.

To optimize the odds of experiencing successful rhinoplasty results, patients must carefully follow their surgeon’s pre-and post-operative instructions. Alterations made during surgery are unique to each patient and their facial features. The surgeon will thoroughly explain the recovery process, during which patients are likely to experience mild to moderate amounts of pain, as well as bruising and swelling around the eyes and cheeks. Symptoms are usually alleviated with over-the-counter and prescribed medications. Be sure to follow the wound-care instructions provided and recommendations for limiting activity levels.

It is important to attend all follow-up appointments, even if you feel as though you have completely healed. A proper, thorough recovery takes time, and it may be as long as two years before your nose reaches its final post-surgery form. Having patience will play a significant role in achieving your desired results.

Is rhinoplasty right for you?

Only you and your surgeon can answer that question since many small but important details must be considered when planning and performing a successful rhinoplasty. Surgical methods and techniques are constantly evolving. We encourage you to call and schedule a consultation with one of the board-certified surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, where our staff has made it a priority to stay informed about the latest advances in this life-altering area of medicine.

Contour Your Body With Liposuction And A Tummy Tuck

The main goal for body contouring procedures is to reshape and contour certain areas of the body. These types of procedures can reduce the appearance of problem areas while making them look more desirable. Women and men turn to the dynamic duo of a tummy tuck and liposuction to get big results. Both procedures are popular and when done together can tighten, sculpt, slim, and rejuvenate a patient’s midsection. Serving all of New Jersey, the board-certified plastic surgeons and professional staff at The Peer Group offer several body contouring solutions to their patients. Let’s talk specifically about how a tummy tuck with liposuction can contour your body so you will love the way you look!

Body contouring with a tummy tuck

Do you have loose, saggy skin that needs to be tightened? Pregnancy, losing a significant amount of weight, or the natural process of aging can all cause the issue of extra loose skin to reside in the lower abdomen. Once the skin has lost its elasticity then no amount of exercising is going to change it. Women and men throughout New Jersey often turn to the help of a tummy tuck to resolve this issue. A tummy tuck may include liposuction to remove isolated pockets of fat and to contour the entire midsection, but the primary technique behind all tummy tuck procedures is skin tightening. During surgery, excess skin is removed on the lower abdomen and the underlying tissue and muscular structure are tightened. This allows patients to enjoy a flatter, tighter stomach. With a plastic surgeon’s recommendation, patients can choose to have a mini, extended, or traditional tummy tuck to give them the results they need. Traditional tummy tuck procedures are the most popular, but patients do have options, which allows for a customized surgical plan for each patient’s needs.

Body contouring with liposuction

Patients tend to find it difficult to lose stubborn fat or excess fatty tissue in certain places, especially in the abdominal area, hips, flanks, and thighs. When a healthy diet and regular exercise seem to no longer make a difference, patients can opt for liposuction to help recontour certain areas. Most common liposuction procedures are done with a suctioning function which allows the surgical tool, called a cannula, to extract fatty tissue through small incisions strategically placed by the plastic surgeon. With medical advancements, there are now even non-invasive liposuction options done with lasers or ultrasound. Patients have a number of options with liposuction and consulting with a plastic surgeon to get the right recommendation is an important part of the process.

Combination surgery

One of the most popular body contouring combinations is liposuction and a tummy tuck to get dramatic results. If you have lost weight or have been through pregnancy, the chances are good that you are dealing with stubborn pockets of fat in your abdominal area as well as stretched, loose abdominal skin. Also, pregnancy, it can cause muscle laxity in the abdominal area which a tummy tuck can tighten so you can have your pre-baby stomach back. A qualified plastic surgeon, like the ones at The Peer Group, decide during your consultation and after an examination how much fatty tissue will need to be removed with liposuction as well as determine which tummy tuck procedure will achieve your desired end results.

The dramatic help with both

This body contouring blend of liposuction and tummy tuck not only helps patients with their midsection by tightening and lifting sagging skin while removing excess fatty tissue but also helps with self-confidence. Patients feel more driven with their new appearance and typically take on more exercising or healthy activities to keep their new shape! Once New Jersey patients see their results from these two cosmetic procedures it gives them the motivation to maintain the results for years. Clothes fit better, bathing suits look better, and for many patients, they wish they had done this sooner to attain that tighter, more toned midsection.

Good candidates for lipo and a tummy tuck

Liposuction and tummy tuck procedures are both cosmetic procedures that should not be considered a solution for weight loss. They are reserved for men and women who are at a healthy weight and have realistic expectations about what cosmetic surgery can do for them. Both procedures help patients attain the body they want but could not get by diet and exercise alone. For women, specifically, it is important to think about whether or not you will have additional children before deciding to move forward with certain procedures such as a tummy tuck since this could compromise the surgical results. Healthy, non-smoking individuals that have exhausted all other options with diet and exercise can consider liposuction and a tummy tuck to further contour their body to what they want!

Overall both procedures are quite different but together they can provide big results to patients. The qualified, experienced plastic surgeons at The Peer Group can transform your midsection to give you exactly what you need. Their state-of-the-art plastic surgery facility serving the greater New Jersey area, allows their patients to feel comfortable and safe while giving them the most up-to-date cosmetic options with body contouring procedures. As with any cosmetic surgery, you need an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who can provide you with the experience and surgical expertise to give you the best end results. If you are interested in a tummy tuck with liposuction then call or schedule your consultation with The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ today.

Questions to ask your liposuction surgeon before heading into the OR

It is no surprise why liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the nation. This fat removal surgery typically provides long-lasting results that are noticeable almost immediately, and due to new methods of liposuction, requires a shorter recovery period than in the past. Liposuction is individually tailored to suit each patient’s needs and desired aesthetic outcome, therefore every session is different. That is why it is a good idea to ask important questions about the procedure before heading into the operating room. The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, have compiled a list of the top questions patients have asked in advance of their liposuction surgeries.

What are the surgeon’s credentials?

Inside the operating room is not the ideal place to find yourself wondering whether you know enough about your surgeon’s education, how long he or she has practiced medicine, and in what field they specialize. Get familiar with their background well in advance, preferably during your first in-office consultation, by inquiring about any board or other certifications they hold and which liposuction techniques they use. Also ask about previous and ongoing training that they have received, especially in the area of liposuction surgery. A qualified greater New Jersey liposuction surgeon will clearly and concisely address all of your questions and provide the information you need in order to feel confident about their knowledge and abilities.

What does a liposuction procedure entail?

While the answer to this question may seem obvious at first, it is one that you and your surgeon should discuss at length. In preparing mentally and physically for the procedure, be certain that you clearly and thoroughly understand which liposuction techniques the surgeon will use, where on the body incisions will be made, how much fat will be removed, and what to expect during and after surgery. In the process of removing fat cells, the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group are able to craft a smoother, slimmer, and more symmetrical-looking appearance for patients.

How knowledgeable are you about this procedure?

Your surgeon is likely well-versed in numerous procedures, but exactly how much experience does he or she have performing liposuction surgery? There definitely are many liposuction surgeons practicing throughout the greater New Jersey area, and some have more experience than others. Be sure to ask how many liposuctions your surgeon has performed throughout their career, as well as how frequently they do them. Make certain that they have had significant hands-on involvement in a wide range of liposuction cases, and possess a vast knowledge about the complexity of the procedure. This information will help put your mind at ease and work to ensure that you receive outstanding service and results.

May I view before-and-after photos?

Reputable surgeons will gladly share before-and-after photos with patients - and you definitely should request to see them. Doing so will provide you with some insight into how your body may look the following liposuction. It will also give you an opportunity to assess the surgeon’s skill level in advance of your procedure. If you have questions, comments, or concerns based on anything you observe in the photos, be sure to bring them to the surgeon’s attention.

How long will the surgery and recovery time be?

Asking these questions well in advance of liposuction surgery will help you better understand and prepare for the procedure. The duration of the surgery will depend on various factors, including the amount of fat that is removed as well as the number of areas being treated. Similarly, recovery time is different for every patient in New Jersey and also dependent upon the treatment as well as an individual’s overall health. Advanced planning should make both processes go smoothly and allow you to get the most out of your procedure.

What can I expect during recovery?

Some bruising and swelling in and around the treated areas should be expected following surgery, which may persist for several days or weeks. The surgeon may provide a compression garment for you to wear to help lessen the swelling. Above all, be certain to adhere closely to the post-operative care instructions provided to you by the board-certified surgeons at The Peer Group to ensure a smooth recovery process.

Will my body look different after the surgery?

Setting realistic expectations about your body’s appearance following liposuction is extremely important. Although the procedure does remove unwanted fat, it does not rid your entire body of all fat. Once your swelling lessens, you will be able to fully appreciate the results of your successful liposuction procedure.

How costly is liposuction and is financing available?

Depending on the areas to be treated and the amount of liposuction that your surgeon determines should be performed, the total cost of treatment can vary. Following your consultation, you will be provided with a detailed explanation of pricing. At this time, you may also wish to request information about payment plans and financing options that are available.

Still wondering if liposuction is the correct choice for you? Please call The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ. We invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified surgeons, who can discuss lipo procedures in detail and assist you in determining whether it will help you obtain the sculpted results that you seek. Discover why patients throughout New Jersey trust us to provide them with beautiful, natural results.