While there are numerous plastic surgery techniques designed specifically to shape and contour the body, liposuction remains one of the most commonly performed procedures. With lipo, fat is suctioned through a small tube from areas including the thighs, back, hips, and abdomen to create a smoother appearance. Despite its wild popularity and proven results, many people remain unclear about what can – and cannot – be accomplished with liposuction. The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, are dedicated to educating New Jersey area patients about this tried-and-true procedure.

Liposuction Can…

Remove fat that resists diet and exercise efforts

While burning more calories than you consume is usually the best method to lose unwanted pounds, there is no way for people to select from what area of the body precisely they will experience that loss – be it on their legs, back, belly or elsewhere.The situation can prove extremely frustrating given that some areas seemingly hang onto stored fat more fiercely than others. With liposuction, stubborn fat cells are removed and broken down manually from targeted problem areas. The results are often visible immediately following the procedure.

Remove fat from just about anywhere on the body

The midsection can be particularly problematic for many patients hoping to achieve a slimmed-down appearance. While liposuction can help to contour the abdomen, its versatility also makes it an effective spot reducer in other areas including the upper arms, knees, and thighs. Liposuction can even target the face in areas such as the chin where a “double chin” may appear. So-called “love handles” on the hips, bra-bulges on the back, and other localized areas of fat also can be treated with liposuction and sculpted for a smoother appearance.

Provide the finishing touches for weight loss

Losing even moderate amounts of weight is an often long and frustrating task. When patients in New Jersey finally do achieve their weight loss goals, it can be disheartening to look in the mirror and still see a bothersome bulge here or there. In these situations, liposuction can remove pesky pockets of leftover fat so that patients can confidently flaunt their new-and-improved bodies that they worked so hard for.

Produce specific, sculpted results

Besides eliminating fat, liposuction helps create curves to assist patients in attaining the ideal figure and physique that they desire. For example, those looking to maintain volume in their buttocks and thighs can slim their hips by consulting with the board-certified surgeons at The Peer Group to create individualized results with minimal scarring since only small incisions are required during most liposuction procedures.

Provide fat for use in other areas of the body

Another important function of liposuction is its ability to allow fat to be transferred from areas of the body where it is unwanted to others where it may be needed. Once the fat is removed, the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, are able to purify the cells and inject them into the buttocks, breasts or face to create the volume that patients desire and address multiple cosmetics concerns all at once.

As versatile and effective as liposuction can be for patients in search of immediate, long-lasting improvements to their shape – as well as a dramatic boost to their self-confidence – there are some limitations associated with the procedure.

Liposuction Cannot …

Remove sagging skin, cellulite or stretch marks

It is a common misconception that liposuction has the ability to diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks as well as tighten sagging skin. Unfortunately, none of these are achievable through lipo. This is due to the fact that changes that occur in the body due to fluctuations in weight and pregnancy not only stretch the skin but also muscle. Once the fat is lost or removed, sagging skin can result. Liposuction patients in New Jersey may also wish to discuss with their surgeon the possibility of undergoing additional cosmetic-surgery procedures – such as arm and thigh lifts and tummy tucks – to restore their skin’s firmness in these areas.

Result in dramatic weight loss

While it can safely, effectively, and successfully remove small amounts of fat, and provide results that are often immediately noticeable, liposuction cannot stimulate the body to shed significant amounts of weight. The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group encourage patients to employ liposuction as the finishing touch, so to speak, once they have achieved their weight-loss goals through other methods. Lipo is most effective when it is used to sculpt or remove stubborn pockets of fat has proven resistant to diet and exercise.

Prevent future weight gain

Did you know that the number of fat cells in the body remains relatively stable throughout life? Weight gain and loss occur when existing fat cells grow and shrink. Lipo removes fat cells from targeted areas with the expectation that they will not return. However, if a patient gains a small amount of weight following the procedure, fat cells throughout the body will increase. While a slight weight gain can diminish the results of liposuction, for the most part, the improved body shape that resulted from the procedure should still be visible because lipo-treated areas contain fewer fat cells than those around them.

Replace weight loss efforts

There is simply no substitute for the health benefits associated with having a lower body mass index, nor the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing a smaller number on the bathroom scale. While the goal of liposuction is to remove fat and create desired contours, New Jersey patients are generally advised to be at their goal weight prior to undergoing the procedure. They should also strive to maintain a healthy weight in order to enjoy the results of their liposuction surgery for as long as possible.

Liposuction is among the most requested plastic surgery procedures. By taking a closer look at this popular surgery, patients can better determine whether lipo is the best option to assist them in achieving the shape, contours, and curves they desire. We encourage you to contact our surgery center and schedule a consultation with the talented, board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ. Our greater New Jersey plastic surgery practice is dedicated to educating patients about the latest state-of-the-art medical innovations and technology available.