When it comes to breast augmentation surgery there are many decisions for patients to make. First and foremost, they must decide whether to opt for saline or silicone implants. Thanks to recent advancements in implant technology and design, that selection has become easier for many women. Groundbreaking IDEAL implants combine the most desirable features of traditional implants – namely, the safety of saline and the natural look and feel of silicone – into one state-of-the-art device. As a result of this amazing versatility, IDEAL implants have become a top choice among New Jersey area patients as well as physicians including the board-certified plastic surgeons at the Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ.

How IDEAL are they?

Unlike traditional saline and silicone implants, which feature only one outer shell, IDEAL implants are composed of two inner chambers that contain a saline filler made of sterilized saltwater. These chambers are encased in a shell, which minimizes the movement of the saline solution and prevents the signature “bounce” for which saline implants are known. They also help protect the implant from experiencing a rupture that results in leakage. IDEAL implants are only available in one round shape and projection type, which helps to lessen the uncertainties related to proper sizing which may be encountered with other implants.

Designed by plastic surgeons to address patient concerns about both the safety and aesthetic appearance of silicone and saline implants, structured IDEAL implants are manufactured in the United States. A decade was spent on the development and testing of IDEAL implants. Numerous physicians with years of experience performing breast augmentation surgeries weighed in on their many advantages. Approved by the FDA, IDEAL implants successfully mimic the more-natural breast appearance and movement that typically is afforded by silicone implants.

IDEAL versus silicone implants

Smooth-surfaced IDEAL implants are less likely to rupture than their similarly priced silicone counterparts. Studies have shown that New Jersey women with IDEAL implants may be less prone to experiencing capsular contractions than with silicone implants. This condition occurs when the scar tissue that forms normally around implants hardens and squeezes the device, which can impact the breast’s appearance and result in pain.

Unlike with silicone implants, there is no risk for a silent rupture to occur with IDEAL implants. When such a break takes place with a silicone implant, it can be a real concern for patients as the silicone gel can migrate to other areas of the body and impact tissue. The only way to determine whether such a rupture has happened is with an MRI. Because of this, the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, recommend that women with silicone implants undergo this diagnostic test once every three years to proactively check on the status of their implant. Ruptured silicone implants must be removed, along with any silicone gel that has leaked from it. The anxiety associated with this uncertainty often causes women to select saline implants over those filled with silicone. Therefore, IDEAL implants may also provide patients with the peace of mind they need to feel comfortable and confident in their implant decision.

It is also worth noting that teardrop-shaped silicone implant (known as a “Gummy Bear” implant) have the ability to rotate in the breast, causing it to take on an abnormal shape and appearance. This situation is unlikely to occur in patients who have opted for IDEAL implants.

Same saline, different design

The unique construction of IDEAL implants makes them less likely to wrinkle or take on the rippled appearance that often is associated with traditional saline implants. This also may account for its increased durability over other styles of implants. The sculpted edges of IDEAL implants help ensure that it rests well against the chest wall to help create a more natural-breast appearance. Just like its predecessor, IDEAL implants are filled with saline after being inserted into the breast. This allows the board-certified surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, to make smaller incisions and achieve better symmetrical than usually is possible with silicone implants. Because IDEAL implants require a less sizeable incision to place than other implants, resulting surgical scars may be less noticable.

In the event that it is deemed necessary to do so in the future, IDEAL implants also are easier to remove. As is the case with regular saline implants, IDEAL implants deflate when a leak has occurred, which indicates an obvious issue. No inconvenient and expensive MRI is required to confirm the diagnosis – patients in New Jersey need only look in the mirror. The harmless, sterile saline solution is safely absorbed by the body.

Are IDEAL implants right for you?

As with traditional saline implants, IDEAL implants are approved for use in patients over the age of 18 who are in good overall health and desire the more youthful appearance that an enhanced bustline can provide. Patients with sagging breasts also may notice a dramatic improvement when IDEAL implants are included as part of a breast lift surgery.

During your consultation with the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, you are encouraged to ask any questions you have, including specifics about surgery. Be advised that the procedure may be slightly longer in duration than the hour typically required to complete most breast augmentations. Due to the pioneering design of IDEAL implants, they are required to be filled in a very specific manner. You also will be able to view before-and-after photos of patients who previously have had IDEAL implants placed so that you may glean some insight about how your own potential results. Our skilled surgeons will inquire about the results you desire from breast augmentation surgery, as well as make recommendations about how those goals can best be achieved. As with any plastic surgery procedure, patients should be able to set and maintain reasonable and realistic expectations for the outcome of their breast augmentation surgery.

Given their proven safety and natural-looking appeal, New Jersey patients can feel confident in their selection of IDEAL implants as part of their breast augmentation surgery. To learn more about these innovative implants and how they can help you achieve the significantly enhanced bustline that you desire, contact the board-certified surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, and schedule a consultation today!