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Skin rarely sags in just one place on a person’s body. The passage of time, weight loss, pregnancy and childbirth, and other life events can cause weakened and stretched-out skin to hang loose—a problem that can impact arms, legs, the torso, the back, the abdomen, and all of the above. For women and men who want to address all of the sagging tissue on their upper or lower half, a body lift at New Jersey’s The Peer Group can help.

The experienced plastic surgeons at The Peer Group do not approach Livingston, Morristown, and other patients with a “cookie-cutter” plan, but instead, develop a customized suite of procedures that do more than just remove loose skin. The plastic surgery involved in a body lift is designed not just to create more sculpted contours, but to make these contours appear balanced, proportional, and natural.


Body Lift


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What Is a Body Lift?

Significant weight loss can make a big difference for a person’s appearance—and health. Shedding pounds creates slimmer contours, but stretched-out skin and pockets of isolated fat cells can hide those contours beneath stubborn bulk. A body lift addresses this problem by removing the lax skin and any diet-resistant fat cells that create noticeable bulges.

Sagging skin can be a problem for anyone who loses weight, but it is a particular issue for people who slim down very rapidly. The quick reduction in volume does not give skin a chance to retract and sit flat. Aging also contributes to laxity, since the older a person gets, the faster collagen and elastin break down in their skin. Skin that has lost its elasticity does not easily “snap back” into place, which can cause breasts to droop, tissue to hang from the belly like an apron, and similar problems all over the body.

An upper body lift typically involves an arm lift, breast lift, and work on the upper back. A lower body lift typically involves a thigh lift and other work on the legs and hips, as well as a tummy tuck to flatten the abdomen.

How Can I Choose Which Body Lift Is Best for Me?

Patients who are frustrated by sagging tissue—whether the problem is limited to one feature or is found all over the body—can discuss their aesthetic goals during their initial consultation at The Peer Group. After hearing your motivation and desired cosmetic changes, your plastic surgeon can develop a plan tailor-made to safely and reliably give you the results you are seeking. This may involve an upper body lift, lower body lift, both—or some other combination of procedures and treatments.

All of your available options will be discussed with you, and you can decide on what you want, based on the advice from your experienced plastic surgeon. Viewing our before-and-after photo gallery is a good way to explore the possibilities and see for yourself what various lifts and tucks can do.

What Does a Body Lift Involve?

Every surgery at our private on-site AAAASF-certified operating room involves working with a specialist who administers the necessary anesthesia. This helps to keep you comfortably asleep, reducing sensation and making the surgical procedure as safe and straightforward as possible.

From this point, the surgical details will depend on which elements of a body lift are included in your procedure. Any incisions will be made with a goal of minimizing visible scarring. Your plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and fat before tightening the remaining skin and closing the incisions.

What is Body Lift Recovery Like?

While patients typically tolerate and manage their body lift recovery well, you should be aware that healing and recuperation can be extensive if multiple areas have been addressed at once. Expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort for several weeks. It is a good idea to take time away from any jobs and social obligations during this time. While light walks are encouraged soon after the procedure is over, more intense physical activity—and particularly exercises or tasks that require heavy lifting—should be avoided for at least six weeks.










What Results Can I Expect from a Body Lift?

Body lift results are visible right away, with the flatter contours becoming increasingly apparent as the initial swelling resolves. Remember that these contours are best maintained through a continued healthy lifestyle. Gaining weight in the future can stretch skin once again, leading to new sagging—especially as a person gets older. Pregnancy can also “undo” the results of a body lift, since a growing baby and breasts for nursing alter body contours.

What Is the Cost of a Body Lift?

While general financing information is available to anyone considering a body lift, the specific cost of the procedure can only be determined once the individual components have been decided. The more extensive the work done, the more the procedure will cost.

Are There Also Lifts Available for the Face?

Patients who choose a body lift also often have lax skin on and around the face, since skin there is also prone to stretching and sagging after weight loss. A facelift can address droopy jowls and similar problems, while a neck lift focuses specifically on that feature. Other surgeries include brow lifts and eyelid lifts.

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