One of the hottest and must-have beauty trends are thick and perfect eyebrows.

Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally blessed with thick eyebrows. So how has this problem been solved? By drawing them on of course!

Many women have even over-tweezed their brows until they barely existed, causing them to slowly and thinly grow back.

So how does one recover from their teeny-tiny brows and get a fuller look? You guessed it! Microblading!

In NJ, microblading is affordable and a great choice for anyone needing a fuller look above the eyes. If you are unsure about microblading or need a little more filling in, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, you will read all of the details you need to know for microblading.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a new-to-the-public procedure that’s taking the world by storm. It makes drawing in your eyebrows and buying expensive powders/pencils a thing of the past.

The process of microblading is usually compared to tattooing, but it’s different and much more precise.

The Procedure

Instead of using a machine, a microblading licensed technician will use a precision hand tool to implant pigment into the skin. Short, fine hair-like strokes aim to mimic your natural brow hair pattern.

Keep in mind, the idea isn’t to create completely new brows but to fill in the ones you already have. The small t hair-like strokes fill in sparse areas of your brows. They can also be added where there are no eyebrows as well.

Before you schedule your appointment (or during your consultation) be sure to view your technician’s results. While before and after pictures of microblading are impressive, they also help you see the kind of work your technician has done.

At first look, it’s hard to believe that these women don’t have any eyebrow product on, rather it’s all underneath.

This is what makes microblading by far the most realistic and subtle treatment on the market for permanent eyebrow makeup.

Sessions and Follow Up

Most of the time, your initial microblading session won’t be at your first appointment. This is because most practices will have you come in for a consultation. This time is used to talk about the desired brow shape and to choose the perfect shade of pigment.

The initial microblading treatment session is about 90 minutes.

A follow-up appointment is recommended two to three months after your first session. During this follow-up, they’ll check on healing and go over an area that needs a touch-up.

The follow-up appointment should take about half of the time as your initial treatment appointment.


When all is said and done, the microblading healing process can take up to a month. Here’s what you can expect following treatment.

Days 1-3

During the first few days after your microblading treatment, the eyebrow area will be sore. It’s normal for them to be both red and tender for the first few days. You may also see the eyebrows darkening but don’t panic. This is normal and part of the healing process.

Days 4-5

During the next few days, a scab may form and the brow area may feel itchy. Don’t scratch, peel or play around with this area. Let it heal on its own. You may also notice that the pigment will start to lighten

Why Should I Have a Touch Up Appointment?

Microblading touch-ups are recommended to keep your eyebrows looking as good as when they were first done.

Its normal for the brow color to slightly fade once healed after the treatment. This is normal. And sometimes our own body chemistry can cause the shape to change too. A touch-up appointment may be necessary to maintain the shape and color of the brows.

Will It Hurt?

If you’re nervous about microblading, it’s probably the idea that it will hurt. Well, you can calm those shaking nerves!

Most people who go through the microblading process experience no pain. The area is usually numbed with a topical, local anesthetic cream.

While your eyebrow area is numb and at the worst, it may feel like light scratches. It’s nothing you can’t handle! If you’ve gotten a tattoo before, it’s even less painful than that.

Taking Tylenol before the session is a good idea if you’re worried about your personal pain tolerance. Afterward, it may feel like a light sunburn on your brows.

Minor scratches and a light sunburn? That’s nothing! You’ll be fine.

How Long Does It Last?

Microblading is not permanent. With today’s technology, microblading results last up to two years.

When your color fades, you won’t experience anything abnormal – just the gradual fading of color.

If you have oily skin, your brows may fade faster. The natural oils in your pores can push out the ink.

Don’t worry though, you can have the procedure done again when you’re ready. The second time you’ll already know what it’s all about and won’t be nervous at all!

Where Can I Get Microblading in NJ?

When you look for microblading in NJ, you want to make sure that you’re getting a technician who’s certified and experienced. So look no further than The Peer Group!

Our microblading technician is New Jersey state licensed with over 25 years of experience in plastic surgery and the medical skin care industry.

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