Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips: How To Make Sure You Recover Properly

Tummy Tuck (also known as abdominoplasty) is an effective and popular cosmetic surgery procedure that can flatten and tone the abdominal area. When healthy eating and exercise have helped you regain your figure, but still cannot help with loose skin or that stubborn “pooch” in the lower abdomen, men and women in the New Jersey area come to see the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ to discuss their options for tummy tuck surgery. There are various types of tummy tucks depending on your specific needs that range from an extended and full tummy tuck to a mini-tummy tuck. Regardless of which one you choose, the goal is to get optimal results. There are things you need to know and do prior to this cosmetic procedure to help get you there. Below, is information to get you started down the right path on your road to tummy tuck surgery recovery.

Helpful factors before surgery...

We see a great deal of New Jersey area men and women seeing flatter stomachs. However, many patients don’t realize beforehand that how they plan and prepare for their upcoming surgical procedure before they enter the OR can help their recovery afterward. Here are some simple tips:

  • Be patient with recovery. Remember to tell yourself during recovery that it will take several weeks to feel “normal” and look great!

  • Be prepared before surgery to have “distractions” during your recovery like movies or books that have been on your “to watch or read” list.

  • Inform your work that you are taking some time off and that you won’t be returning for at least a week. If they allow you to work from home, get your work space ready so that you can begin tackling some of the workload once you have gone through some of the initial recovery.

  • Have a good support system set up with people to help take care of you for at least the first few days week. Good care makes for better results.

  • Remember to keep in constant communication with your surgeon or their staff post surgery. Call with concerns or questions.

  • Keep your eye on the prize! Remember your end result will be better if you take care of yourself before and after surgery.

Factors that may affect the length of time for recovery…

The main factors that can affect the length of time it takes for a patient to recover are:

  • Poor physical health or not being at your ideal weight prior to surgery.

  • If liposuction is used or needed to remove fatty tissue during surgery, this could add to the recovery time.

  • A circumferential or extended tummy tuck, which involves a broader area and larger incision will take more time to heal.

  • Depending on how complex or how much surgical intervention is needed to address the muscular area to tighten the abdominal region could affect recovery time.

General tips for a better tummy tuck recovery:

The right surgeon…

The first and most important step is finding the right plastic surgeon and surgical center to perform your tummy tuck. Our board-certified New Jersey area plastic surgeons at The Peer Group have extensive knowledge with this procedure, which can only help a patient not only get the results they want but having quality work done makes for an easier recovery.

Be healthy from the start…

It is a known fact, that being healthy prior to a procedure will only help with the recovery. With a tummy tuck procedure, you want to be at your ideal weight pre-surgery. Be mindful of what you are eating and drinking before and after surgery, as weight gain can change or alter your amazing results.

Prepare to need help...

Having the right people in place to help you recover will only make it go smoother and faster. Make sure you have people helping you that are patient but firm so that they make sure you are following the post-surgical instructions.

Follow doctor’s orders…

Follow your surgeon’s instructions. Follow their protocol and post-surgical care instructions thoroughly. Take prescribed medications as instructed. If they tell you when you can do a light activity or return to work, follow their instructions even if you feel good. Remember they have done this procedure before so they know what you are going to experience. Let them give you the tools and information on how to have a successful recovery, which will only help your end results.

Keep your expectations in check...

Post surgery, your stomach isn’t going to be completely flat and you might even be concerned with how your scars look. Scars are part of the tummy tuck procedure but will lessen in appearance over time and can be concealed with clothing. Realize it will take time to look and feel normal. You have to let your body heal first so curtail your expectations when looking in the mirror. Some patients experience minor emotional mood swings post-surgery with a tummy tuck due to the initial discomfort and swelling as well as worry about how the incisions may look. This can leave patients feeling anxious, but remember why you decided to do this surgery. As we said earlier, keep your eye on the prize, which will be the end result of you having a flatter, more toned-looking abdominal area!

Rest is key…

It can’t be said enough, but rest and listening to your body are key after surgery. Taking it slow and easy and not overdoing it will aid in a smoother, quicker recovery and could possibly even shorten your overall recovery time. Even if you are feeling great, remember to rest and take time to heal!

Many factors can affect a patient’s recovery from a tummy tuck procedure. Every situation and person is different. Every person’s tolerance for pain varies as well as every person’s body recovers at a different rate. Either way, there are some standard things you can do to help your recovery, which only helps your end result to look great! The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ is here to help you and the surrounding New Jersey area so call or schedule your tummy tuck consultation today.

Breast Augmentation: Silicone or Saline? Understanding the real facts.

Every woman that contemplates breast augmentation surgery will ask themselves, do I want saline or silicone breast implants? Aside from what size is best to go with, this is one of the top burning questions New Jersey area women want answers to when discussing surgery with their surgeon. With advancements in breast augmentation, as well as medical improvements to the implants themselves, it is still the most popular cosmetic surgery according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, are able to help you decide what type of implant is best for you but let us give some helpful information to get you started. We are going to help take the guesswork out of the saline or silicone question and show the benefits of both so you can make the right choice...for you!

Today’s implants…

Back in the 80’s, silicone was the popular choice for breast augmentation. When some cases of silicone implant rupturing came out causing women to be sick, the implants were briefly taken off the market. But FDA approval was quickly regained and silicone implants were redesigned. A question still commonly asked by patients, in regards to silicone implants, is are they safe? The answer is yes. Today’s implants are methodically engineered with better materials, in turn, offering more sizing options, textures, and shapes to choose from so patients can now safely enjoy their implants whether they be saline or silicone.

Considerations for breast augmentation

Breast augmentation still remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries because they offer New Jersey area women the opportunity to have fuller, shapelier breasts with little downtime and minimal to no side effects. They can help women feel sexier and regain their self-confidence and enjoy a shapelier silhouette that would otherwise not be possible. While some women are born with very limited native breast tissue, the natural process of aging, the toll pregnancy, and nursing takes on a woman’s breasts, weight loss and gain, are all factors that over time cause breasts to naturally lose volume or shape. Getting breast implants can change that for patients and give them back their self-confidence with beautiful, natural-looking results.

The filler difference...

Regardless if you choose saline or silicone, the outside or “implant shell” on both types of implants are essentially the same and have been medically improved to decrease incidences of punctures or implants rupturing. In fact, today’s implants are safer than ever before and ruptures of a silicone or saline implant are extremely rare. As for the difference in the inside filler material, it is simple. Saline implants are filled with a saline-type solution that is essentially sterile salt water. Silicone implants are filled with silicone-gel-type material. Both types have a great safety record. Even with the “silicone scare” decades ago, silicone implants are regarded as one of the most tested medical devices and quickly becoming the more popular implant choice because of their natural look and feel.

The perks about saline implants...

Patients in the state of New Jersey must be 18 years old to consider saline implants, unlike silicone implants which have state regulation of at least 22 years old. Typically the least expensive of the 2 types, saline implants also require a much smaller incision site than silicone. Saline implants or the “outer shell” are inserted first through a small incision and then filled with the saline solution during surgery. This enables the plastic surgeon to make adjustments during surgery in order to reach the desired size needed as well as allowing for better symmetry. Also with saline implants, it is not needed or recommended to have a follow-up MRI every 2-3 years to check for any possible rupturing. If the saline implant ruptures, it slowly deflates, which is visible to the patient. If this occurs, the saline is absorbed into the body (which does not create any harm for the patient) therefore showing obvious signs of an issue.

The perks about silicone implants…

The most popular choice today for most women is to choose silicone implants over saline. One of the main reasons is that silicone implants mimic natural-looking breasts. Due to the composition of the silicone-type material, they feel very similar to natural breast tissue, especially with the latest technology. They can also be offered in a variety of more shapes and sizes, compared to saline, so reaching a desired look for the profile is more achievable. Silicone implants are also lighter in weight which eliminates the “natural sag” that may occur over time. In addition, “rippling” that can occur under the skin rarely occurs with silicone implants.

Which one goes the distance?

It is a known fact, whether saline or silicone, breast implants are not medical devices that typically last forever. Individuals that had breast augmentation at a younger age may have to consider having one or both replaced over time. While it is reported that most implants can last up to 10 years, this is generally no longer the case. Women can enjoy their implants for many years beyond that number. After breast augmentation surgery, it is important to have your plastic surgeon assess your breasts throughout the years to ensure they still look, feel and function normally and are healthy. So as to the question which one lasts longer? Research studies show both saline and silicone have the same longevity.

Is the recovery different for saline or silicone?

The recovery time for both types of implants is about the same. You could return to work in a few short days. And resume more vigorous activities, if cleared by your surgeon, in a few weeks. Full recovery and optimal aesthetic outcome is usually seen within 3-4 months.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, discuss all of your options with your plastic surgeon and allow them to help you determine which implant type is the best fit for you. Our board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ are one of the leading cosmetic practices in the New Jersey area. With their advice, they can help guide you on choosing the right implant type in order to give you the best end result! Call or schedule your breast augmentation consultation with The Peer Group today.

Tummy Tuck Surgery--Your Checklist For A Tighter Tummy

Tummy tucks continue to rise in popularity. With recent advances in medical technology and various tummy tucks to choose from depending on your body type and goals, it is easier than ever for New Jersey men and women to get the flat, toned tummy they have always wanted. Our board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group for Plastic Surgery are leading experts in body contouring treatments such as tummy tuck surgery (also known as abdominoplasty). There are some things you should know before undergoing this surgery so that you can get the best results out of your tummy tuck. Below is a checklist to help answer your questions and give you a fresh take on how cosmetic surgery can change your figure and your life.

Step One: Know what you want from a tummy tuck procedure

A tummy tuck is an option to enhance your abdominal area and increase your confidence. Knowing your expectations prior to surgery can only help the plastic surgeon and you during your initial consultation appointment. Knowing what you want help with and the aesthetic outcome you desire will enhance the dialogue between you and your doctor allowing for the surgeon to provide detailed feedback so you can attain a better end result. Here are some key things to think about:

  • What are your areas of concern for your stomach area?

  • Do you have stretch marks you are trying to eliminate or make less noticeable?

  • Did you lose a significant amount of weight that requires extensive skin removal?

  • Have you had one or multiple pregnancies and simply want to get your pre-baby tummy back?

  • Are you in good shape, but desire a little tightening to keep up with the aging process?

  • Is your goal to get back into a 2-piece bathing suit?

  • Ultimately, what is the end result that you desire?

Step Two: Understand if you are a good fit for this treatment

Genetics, pregnancies, large weight fluctuations, and the natural process of aging are all factors that can change the appearance of our midsections. Loose skin, isolated pockets of fat, and the unwanted “pooch” can all be the result of various life occurrences. Tummy tuck surgery is one that is performed to remove this excess skin and fat in the abdominal area and tighten the underlying muscles for a flatter, more toned look. So do you think you are a good fit for this surgery?

  • Have you managed to get to a good body weight but are still struggling to attain a flatter stomach no matter how many sit-ups you do, or how much you exercise or eat right?

  • Are you done having children and just can’t get your lower abs to bounce back and be firmer even with doing daily core exercises?

  • Has pregnancy left your once expanded tummy with loose or wrinkled skin, excess fat, and the appearance of stretch marks?

  • Have you recently lost weight or a significant amount but are now left with excess skin that is draping in folds?

  • Are you noticing that your stomach just is not as tight as it use to be and has loose skin that once wasn’t there due to the natural aging process?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then you may be a great candidate for a tummy tuck. When skin loses it elasticity or the abdominal muscles underneath have been “stretched” there are no forms of exercise that can change it. A tummy tuck is the solution to regaining those areas of your midsection you have lost and want back!

Step Three: Understand what kind of tummy tuck you need

If you have done all the work beforehand, then a tummy tuck can be the solution to getting your midsection over the finish line. With a few different surgical options to consider, our greater New Jersey area plastic surgeons can determine which technique will be best for your specific condition. Some of the tummy tuck surgeries to consider include:

  • A full tummy tuck (the incision spans from hip to hip--also known as the traditional approach)

  • An extended tummy tuck (the incision reaches just beyond the hip bone for those with significant excess skin or fat removal)

  • A mini tummy tuck (the incision is smaller and positioned just under the navel for those needing minimal skin tightening)

  • A reverse tummy tuck (the area of focus is on the upper abdomen/upper torso region where the incision is generally made under the breast fold)

Your initial consultation will involve meeting with one of our expertly trained plastic surgeons and letting them listen to what you want from your tummy tuck procedure. They will diagnose what you need, which tummy tuck procedure will give you the best results, and determine if you are good candidate.

Step Four: Do all you can to get ready for surgery so you’ll have great results

If you have decided that a tummy tuck is an option, then you need to optimize what you need to do to get the best end result. This starts with finding the right plastic surgeon. Our board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group are part of a fully accredited center that is one of the top plastic surgery facilities in the country, as well as in the New Jersey area.

There are some key factors that will help before and after your tummy tuck surgery. A tummy tuck is not a weight loss option. It is for individuals that are at a healthy weight and have maintained it for more than 6 months. To get the best results, patients will need to:

  • Quit smoking, if you currently are, which will help with your recovery and healing process.

  • Consider if you are planning to have more children. For women, the best tummy tuck results last if you are done being pregnant. Obviously, the abdominal area is affected by pregnancy and you want to enjoy the new look of your stomach!

  • Adhere and try to live a healthy lifestyle prior to a tummy tuck procedure. This will only help you with your recovery and healing process. A tummy tuck is a major surgery and it takes several weeks to properly heal and see the results you have been wanting.

A tummy tuck is not a solution for weight loss or trying to get out of exercising ever again. Consider it a “boost” to the work you have already put in. A tummy tuck can not only give you a flatter, tighter-looking stomach but also can give you more self confidence about your appearance. Call or schedule your tummy tuck consultation today with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group for Plastic Surgery in the New Jersey area and get the midsection you have always wanted!

What's Trending In Breast Augmentation Surgery

The trend hasn’t changed with breast augmentation surgery still being the most popular plastic surgery performed in 2018, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Yet with today’s medical advancements, breast augmentation is trending to become less invasive, a quicker recovery, and now more than ever, there are more options for patients to get an even better end result. The Peer Group for Plastic Surgery in New Jersey is one of the leading plastic surgery facilities in the New Jersey area for breast augmentation procedures.

Let’s take a look at the latest trends and what you should be considering with your breast augmentation surgery.

A different end result...

The biggest trend seen today in breast augmentation are women wanting a more natural look to their implants. The past trend of women wanting to go straight to a double D size implant, with a more obvious enhancement to their breasts, are farther and fewer between. Today’s women are more active and having larger implants can hinder certain outdoor activities or exercises. The scope has changed where women are wanting a more natural enhancement to give a less obvious improvement to their breasts leaving them with a more healthy, fit look.

Less invasive, better recovery…

Today, thanks to modern medical advancements, most patients recover in a shorter amount of time after breast augmentation surgery. Amazing strides have been made in this area of cosmetic surgery offering patients less invasive surgical procedures and better options for general anesthesia to help with a quicker recovery. New gentler forms of general anesthesia are being developed thus allowing patients to recover faster from their surgery while not trying to recover from the effects of anesthesia at the same time. Patients are able to walk or even go to dinner, the day after surgery, with a more mild sedation and less side effects.

Implant choices…

The tried, true, and tested popular implant choices are still available today, that being either saline or silicone, but there are more advancements in technology, which have made them more durable, safe, and long-lasting. Improvements in silicone implants have decreased instances of rupturing which has caused a rise in women choosing them over saline for a more natural look. Implants are offered in around and now tear shape option, which looks more like the natural shape of a breast with a variety of profiles or dimensions to them. The Peer Group for Plastic Surgery in New Jersey is also one of the few select practices that offers the IDEAL IMPLANT?. The latest in implant options, this implant is engineered to give women a more natural-looking breast implant with saline allowing for a smaller incision site and less scarring post-surgery.

Natural options...

One of the latest trends is not using an implant at all, but rather using your own fat to be the filler. With the latest advances in fat transfer surgery, patients can choose to have liposuction on an area of the body that has excess fat and have it injected into their breasts to increase their size. This treatment leaves no scars and leaves the breasts looking natural.

New breasts with a lift...

This two-part combo procedure in breast augmentation is trending to become more popular especially among older women. If you have had multiple pregnancies, breastfed, lost a significant amount of weight, or are older (over 40) then a breast lift may be needed to give your breast augmentation surgery the best end results. More New Jersey area women are choosing to have a breast lift done at the same time to minimize recovery time from both procedures as well as reduce scarring. It is also safer to have both surgeries done simultaneously.

Other new trends…

Now more than ever knowledge and information is at the fingertips of anyone. With advancements in technology plastic surgery centers, like The Peer Group, can offer 3D images of what your breast implants will look like as well offer a virtual video showing you how your procedure will go. Giving patients today more detail information on the different type of surgical options available to them as well what they can expect post-surgery. Doing your research and knowing what you want prior to surgery, with the right board-certified plastic surgeon, are not new trends but ones that are made easier with today’s technology.

If you are considering breast augmentation the options on what you can do now are more diverse than ever. New Jersey plastic surgery centers, like The Peer Group, are keeping up with today’s technology and medical advancements in order to offer patients better implants, better post-surgery recovery, and longer-lasting results. Even being able to offer patients the option of no surgical scars or need to go under general anesthesia are all cutting edge procedures that have entered into the cosmetic arena of breast augmentation.

If you are ready to enhance your look with breast augmentation surgery, call or schedule your consultation today with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, at The Peer Group for Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, NJ.

BROTOX: Full Disclosure, Guys Get BOTOX Too! Here's Why…

Self-care is not gender-specific….

BROTOX. You read that right. It is BOTOX for men and yes, men need BOTOX too! The natural process of aging isn’t gender-specific and more men today are looking to take 5-10 years off their appearance with the help of anti-aging procedures like BOTOX. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons over 400,000 men in the U.S. received BOTOX injections (a.k.a. BROTOX) in 2014 alone and that number has continued to rise each year. In this new era of cosmetic enhancements and facial regimens, the stigma that getting BOTOX is “not manly” is slowing becoming extinct. The Peer Group for Plastic Surgery in the New Jersey area, offers BOTOX treatments for men….so let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Keeping up with appearances...

Whether you see it on social media or are now faced competing with someone half your age in the workplace, the “standard” is set high to look younger at any age. For years, women have been held to a higher standard when it comes to fighting the visible signs of aging. It’s now fair to assume that many of the women around you have had something done to keep their radiant glow and soft complexion. Men, by contrast, have always considered their sun-damaged appearances and wrinkles as a sign of hard work, “toughness”, and for some, it even adds a little sex appeal. However, men are now no longer excluded from the standard.

Hitting the gym, eating healthy, and avoiding the sun are all now factors men take seriously to look younger and stay “in the game”. The cosmetic industry, specifically, has seen a spike in men undergoing skin rejuvenation treatments and finding ways to put their best face forward. Today, these men are adding BOTOX to their facial regimen.


It’s no secret that when you hit your 30s things just start to change. Your youthful look seems to take a backseat to the creeping in of wrinkles or visible signs that you are getting another year older. In this competitive world and job market, men--just like women--seek alternative solutions to help them have a competitive edge against the younger competition. More men today are wanting to eliminate visible signs that they are in their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s. That is where BOTOX can help and why more and more men are turning to the injectable scene to erase their real age.

How does BOTOX work?

BOTOX is derived from Botulinum Toxin Type A. Used for many years in the medical field, it is used in the aesthetic industry to treat facial wrinkles, most commonly in the forehead and around the eyes. BOTOX works by blocking the facial nerve endings, which temporarily freezes the underlying facial muscles. Daily facial expressions such as smiling or laughing, lifting your eyebrows with excitement, frowning, and even squinting at the sun are all actions that make wrinkles. Over time as we age, our skin loses elasticity and collagen which makes it harder for our skin to bounce back after these common expressions are made. The result is the appearance of static lines and wrinkles even when the face is at rest. With a simple BOTOX injection, dynamic movement is limited and the result is a smoother, softer, younger-looking complexion.

Where BROTOX can help...

Men, just like women, turn to BOTOX to help treat the same problematic areas on the face. It is used to diminish lines along the forehead, to combat “crow’s feet” around the eyes, or to smooth out the “11” lines that develop in between the brows. In men, these upper facial wrinkles and lines can cause one to look tired or angry. BOTOX injections can diminish or eliminate these lines and allow men to look years younger with just a single injection.

Your BROTOX appointment and maintenance

Men throughout the greater New Jersey area come to our plastic surgery center to get their BOTOX injections throughout the year. The appointments are quick and can be done in as little as 20 minutes. Just like with our female patients, we encourage men to come back within 3 - 4 months so we can help them maintain their younger-looking complexion year-round.

Hitting the gym afterwards

After your BOTOX procedure there can be slight swelling at the injection sites, but other than that there is no downtime or recovery needed. Vigorous exercise immediately following your BOTOX appointment may cause the medication to settle incorrectly or metabolize faster. Studies have shown if men exercise right after a BOTOX treatment it can cause the BOTOX to prematurely enter the body, which can cause the results to not last as long. If you want your treatment to last, then we advise holding out on your next workout for at least 24 hours.

The stigma of men getting BOTOX is becoming a thing of the past. BROTOX treatments are on the rise and men are coming to terms that even they can grow old gracefully with some help from cosmetic procedures. BROTOX is the new era of men keeping themselves looking younger at any age! The Peer Group for Plastic Surgery in Florham Park, NJ can help you get started towards a younger-looking appearance. If you are tired of feeling old because of what you see in the mirror, we invite you to call our greater New Jersey plastic surgery office today to schedule your appointment.

Is Plastic Surgery Right For Me? 8 Questions To Ask Before Entering The OR

Knowing if you are making the right decision…

Are you considering plastic surgery? Is there something on your face or body that you wish to cosmetically change or enhance? Perhaps it is time to turn back the hands of time and if so, are you wondering what treatment is best for you? In this era of cosmetic surgery, these are all questions people ask, but with so many options to consider, it can be a lot to digest. Our skilled staff and board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group for Plastic Surgery in New Jersey can give you the advice and expertise you will need, but let’s start with the basics and take a look at some of the most common questions you should be asking yourself before considering plastic surgery.

1) What is your reason behind considering plastic surgery?

It is a well-known fact, that you should never be motivated to change your body for anyone but yourself. The motivation behind why you are considering plastic surgery should only come from something you want and not anyone else. It is your body, to begin with and you should not change it for someone else. You need to be motivated to have a procedure done because it is something you want and has been thinking about doing for a long time.

2) What are you wanting to change?

When considering plastic surgery, it is always best to know what you want to do and what you hope to achieve. For example, is there a feature on your body that bothers you greatly? For instance, perhaps you have extra-large, heavy breasts and you are considering a breast reduction to be more comfortable and find clothes that fit. Or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, you have been thinking about getting breast augmentation with implants but have been gunshy to move forward. There are countless reasons why someone would want to undergo a cosmetic procedure. Make sure you know exactly what bothers you and what type of aesthetic outcome you hope to receive from surgery.

3) Have you done all you can?

Ideally, if you are considering plastic surgery you want to make sure you have done all you can. Have you been at your ideal weight for more than 6 months but you just can’t seem to lose those unflattering love handles? If you have children, are you done growing your family so your “mommy makeover” will have lasting results? If you are considering facial surgery, have you looked into the nonsurgical options that possibly could help before undergoing a major operation? Plastic surgery can definitely help you reach certain aesthetic goals, but it’s important to make sure you have tried all you can to improve the area you wish to change before surgery. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having a solid foundation of self-confidence prior to your plastic surgery procedure will only benefit you more once it is over.

4) Are you done growing?

Sounds like an odd question, but more and more younger people are considering plastic surgery. If you are going to have surgery to “change” something on your body then changes due to hormones or a growth spurt should be considered. This is something that can be discussed during your private consultation with one of our New Jersey area board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group. In addition, certain procedures are reserved for people over a certain age to ensure your body is ready for lasting change.

5) Have you done your research?

It is not only important to know what you are having done but most importantly who will be doing the procedure. Choosing your plastic surgeon or surgical center is a crucial decision in the process. It is a known fact not all doctors are the same. Finding a board-certified plastic surgeon is necessary and finding one that comes highly recommended would be beneficial. You want a doctor that will listen to what you want and make sure your needs are going to be met.

6) What are your expectations?

Finding the right surgeon is key but they are going to want to know what your expectations are for your procedure. Having unrealistic goals or trying to look like Jennifer Lopez will not benefit your end result. A surgeon is going to do their best to give you what you want but you also need to set realistic expectations for what you are having done. If you are in your 70’s and want to look like you are in your 40’s again, then you might not be setting an achievable goal. Talk to your plastic surgeon and work with them to set realistic expectations so you can be happy with the end results!

7) Do you know what your recovery will be like?

Plastic surgery is major surgery so you will need help with recovery. You will need to plan ahead to have someone helping you for a for several days depending on what type of procedure you are considering. Taking time off work or having someone personally help you around your home will be necessary for recovery in order to heal appropriately. The recovery process is very important to reduce the risk of infections and to allow the body to properly heal in order to get the best results.

8) Can you afford it?

Since cosmetic procedures are elective, they are not covered by insurance. In some cases, breast reduction surgery is one of the rare procedures that can be covered due to the health issues women with significantly large breasts endure. You need to do your research to find out if the surgical practice or surgeon you have chosen offers payment plans. Costs will vary by procedure and which doctor you choose.

If you are considering plastic surgery, it’s important that you do your homework. Research what you are having done, and most importantly, find the right plastic surgeon to do the job. Ask yourself these questions and know the answers before you consider plastic surgery. Our board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group for Plastic Surgery in the New Jersey area are here to give you the advice and support you need to make your surgery a success! Call or schedule your consultation today!

Everything You Need To Know About Juvéderm: A Beginners Guide To Fillers

Let’s fill you in on what Juvéderm can do for you….

There are a lot of options in the cosmetic world to combat the signs of aging. A simple, instant fix with no surgery required is always popular but it can be overwhelming when looking at the scope of helpful procedures out there. Dermal fillers, BOTOX, and other med spa facial treatments are all aimed at making you look younger and refreshed. Let’s face it, as we age, so does our skin. When patients come to our Florham Park, NJ plastic surgery center seeking non-surgical alternatives, dermal fillers are a great place to start. Fillers can add volume to areas of the face where it has been lost, it can help fill deeper lines and wrinkles, enhance the lips, and much more.

There are a number of filler products to choose from, but we make it easy by staying with a few that produce radiant results each and every time. At the Peer Group for Plastic Surgery, we put Juvéderm at the top of the list.

Juvéderm … what it can do for you!

Juvéderm has two important tasks when injected just beneath the skin. One is to fill in static wrinkles to remove them. You might be asking, what are static wrinkles? They are those pesky wrinkles you see all the time! Even when your face is “at rest” these wrinkles or creases are visibly noticeable. The other important task, for Juvéderm, is to increase fullness in areas where skin has lost volume. As we age, our bodies decrease in the amount of hyaluronic acid it produces, which is a natural substance in the body, that aids in our skin having volume or plumpness. Juvéderm is a combination of hyaluronic acids injected back into the skin to “plump” it up and fill in those gaps where the skin has lost elasticity. Essentially, Juvéderm can help your skin bounce back and give you a more youthful glow.

Juvéderm can fill in what time has taken away...

Juvéderm “fills in” the areas that need help when the natural process of aging takes its toll. As we age, skin loses elasticity, and our facial expressions like laughing or smiling become more permanent reminders leaving wrinkles or lines that “stick around”. Juvéderm can fill in the gaps and smooth out the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles giving patients instant results. Some of the most common reasons men and women throughout New Jersey get a Juvéderm injection:

  • To eliminate or reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth or nasolabial folds, which are the lines that extend from the nose to the corners of the mouth; Also called “marionette lines” or laugh lines.

  • To eliminate or reduce the appearance of deeper “Crow’s Feet” around the eyes.

  • To smooth and soften deeper lines on the forehead area and the “11” lines which appear in between the eyebrows. Fillers are used here when BOTOX alone cannot produce improved results.

  • To smooth the appearance of minor scars or blemishes (pitting) from acne.

  • To plump up or add volume to the lips making them more voluptuous instantly! Injections here help reduce fine lines around the lip area or get rid of “lipstick bleed lines”.

  • To add volume to the cheeks in order to lift or contour the cheek area.

  • To help reduce minor nasal bumps or simply straighten out a bent nasal tip. Also known as a non-surgical rhinoplasty, Juvéderm can be used as a non-invasive solution for minor nose irregularities as a temporary adjustment to avoid surgical intervention.

Juvéderm and instant results!

The best benefit of Juvéderm is the results are instant. Those instant results can also last up to 9 months and in some cases even a year! Adding a regular dose of Juvéderm into your skincare routine can ward off cosmetic surgery or other invasive treatments to fight the signs of aging for decades. The procedure is also quick and easy. It can even be done on your lunch hour! Wrinkles and lines will appear smooth and softer before you even leave our New Jersey office.

Juvéderm or BOTOX or both!

Juvéderm and BOTOX are two popular, heavy hitters in the game of fighting the aging process without surgery. At the Peer Group, we often combine these injectables for New Jersey area men and women seeking facial rejuvenation.

BOTOX combats dynamic wrinkles and “relaxes” the muscles that cause lines or wrinkles to form when doing natural, facial expressions like laughing or frowning. BOTOX is most commonly used in the forehead and around the eyes and can last for about 3-4 months. Juvéderm can be a treatment that compliments your BOTOX results serving to fill in deeper lines that exist on the lower face or even in the upper face where BOTOX can’t do the trick (the number “11’s” is the most popular area for filler in the forehead). While these two injectable treatments are different and used for different reasons, they work great together to create a softer, smoother, younger appearance significantly reducing the look of lines and wrinkles.

We know that the filler market can seem overwhelming. Our goal during your consultation is to explain the difference between the most commonly used ones and specifically, how Juvéderm can be the solution to help you fight the signs of aging and get you looking younger again. Juvéderm has different variations or types that contain different strengths depending on your skin needs. To learn more, we invite you to call the Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ. We will get you set up with the right combination so you can “fill in” those pesky wrinkles so that your outside looks as young as you feel on the inside!

How to Age Gracefully Through Each Decade with BOTOX

If you’re noticing lines and wrinkles on your face that just don’t seem to ever go away even with your face at rest, then it may be time to look into BOTOX. This nonsurgical skin rejuvenation treatment is an excellent way to reduce and eliminate these lines. Don’t be fooled and think BOTOX is only a solution for older people, as the signs of aging can start to crop up as early as your twenties. The plastic surgeons at The Peer Group, located in the Greater New Jersey area, treat patients of all ages with BOTOX and patients are thrilled with their youthful, more radiant appearances.

What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is FDA approved for patients ages 18 and up, and is derived from Botulinum Toxin Type A (or BTX-A) which blocks the facial nerve endings and temporarily relaxes the muscles under the skin’s surface. This helps control facial movement helping to keep dynamic wrinkles at bay, which creates a softer, smooth effect on the skin. BOTOX injections are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments that are requested by both men and women at our Florham Park, NJ plastic surgery practice.

How can BOTOX help me at my age?

Whether you are 25 or 55, BOTOX can be a solution to help you prevent, maintain, and turn back the signs of aging. We explain this a little further as we discuss how the skin changes through each decade.

In your twenties

This is the time that most people do not really have a consistent, set skincare routine. However, thanks to advances in the aesthetic industry and the overall popularity of BOTOX, that is starting to change. More and more people in their twenties are turning to BOTOX as a preventive measure to ward off wrinkles and lines. If you’re noticing fine lines on your upper face that are not disappearing even when your face is at rest, BOTOX is a simple solution to create a radiant complexion. BOTOX injections can not only help with current lines or wrinkles but also help prevent new ones that really begin to show themselves in the next decade.

In your thirties

BOTOX is very popular among men and women in their thirties. By this time, you have likely seen the horizontal lines running along your forehead, and depending on your lifestyle or sun exposure over the years, you may also have vertical lines settling in between your eyebrows. One of the reasons lines and wrinkles start to become more prominent, especially at the end of this decade as you is to approach your forties, is because the skin begins to stop producing collagen. This is a normal part of aging, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. BOTOX can greatly reduce the appearance of these lines and stop additional lines and wrinkles in their tracks.

In your forties

By now, the lines and wrinkles that cropped up in your twenties and thirties have gotten deeper and more noticeable. Damage from the sun, which may include years of squinting, has also started to take a toll. Patients look into BOTOX at this age to help turn back the hands of time and do some “maintenance” to help reduce the appearance of these lines and wrinkles and to help retain a youthful glow. While BOTOX is popular among all decades, the forties are generally where we see most people flocking to have injections. A consistent schedule of BOTOX injections combined with a good skincare regime can help you look years younger and feel better about the aging process.

In your fifties

Most patients in their fifties request BOTOX for the same reasons people do in their forties. They are looking to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. However, men and women in their fifties are also trying to find solutions without having to undergo surgery. It is possible to ward off surgery for a number of years further with BOTOX injections combined with a filler to help smooth wrinkles, add volume to the face, and improve specific areas such as the lips. New Jersey area men and women commonly get a blend of BOTOX and fillers throughout their middle-age years and the results can be long-lasting and effective.

In your sixties

In our sixties the skin has started to lose its elasticity and the effects of aging are much more prominent. You may need to make more visits to our office to keep up with your BOTOX regimen. If you feel like BOTOX isn’t doing enough for your lines or wrinkles you may want to look into cosmetic surgery. The highly-skilled surgeons at The Peer Group can address your concerns and suggest alternate treatment methods to get you the results you desire.

It’s that easy!

BOTOX is an easy, effective anti-aging treatment suitable for anyone over the age of 18 who simply wants to attain a youthful glow that lasts. BOTOX injections typically take about 20 minutes and can be performed about every 3 -4 months depending on your personal aesthetic goals. One of the great things about BOTOX is there is no downtime following the injections. Patients can resume their normal activities following the treatment. It typically takes about a week for the full results to kick in, but once they do, patients love their results and feel more confident about their aging complexion. Our patients come back to our Florham Park, NJ plastic surgery center every quarter to maintain their year-round glow. If additional treatments are needed to help you attain the look you want, we can discuss this at your appointments.

How can I learn more?

Give our Greater New Jersey plastic surgery office a call to get a consultation scheduled. You’ll get to meet with one of our highly rated plastic surgeons and determine if you’re a good candidate for BOTOX. We will also discuss your treatment plan and pricing with you.

If you’re interested in turning back the hands of time, then the plastic surgeons at The Peer Group would be happy to assist. Give us a call today to learn more about BOTOX and how it has helped so many people look and feel younger.