Tummy Tuck (also known as abdominoplasty) is an effective and popular cosmetic surgery procedure that can flatten and tone the abdominal area. When healthy eating and exercise have helped you regain your figure, but still cannot help with loose skin or that stubborn “pooch” in the lower abdomen, men and women in the New Jersey area come to see the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ to discuss their options for tummy tuck surgery. There are various types of tummy tucks depending on your specific needs that range from an extended and full tummy tuck to a mini-tummy tuck. Regardless of which one you choose, the goal is to get optimal results. There are things you need to know and do prior to this cosmetic procedure to help get you there. Below, is information to get you started down the right path on your road to tummy tuck surgery recovery.

Helpful factors before surgery…

We see a great deal of New Jersey area men and women seeing flatter stomachs. However, many patients don’t realize beforehand that how they plan and prepare for their upcoming surgical procedure before they enter the OR can help their recovery afterward. Here are some simple tips:

  • Be patient with recovery. Remember to tell yourself during recovery that it will take several weeks to feel “normal” and look great!

  • Be prepared before surgery to have “distractions” during your recovery like movies or books that have been on your “to watch or read” list.

  • Inform your work that you are taking some time off and that you won’t be returning for at least a week. If they allow you to work from home, get your work space ready so that you can begin tackling some of the workload once you have gone through some of the initial recovery.

  • Have a good support system set up with people to help take care of you for at least the first few days week. Good care makes for better results.

  • Remember to keep in constant communication with your surgeon or their staff post surgery. Call with concerns or questions.

  • Keep your eye on the prize! Remember your end result will be better if you take care of yourself before and after surgery.

Factors that may affect the length of time for recovery…

The main factors that can affect the length of time it takes for a patient to recover are:

  • Poor physical health or not being at your ideal weight prior to surgery.

  • If liposuction is used or needed to remove fatty tissue during surgery, this could add to the recovery time.

  • A circumferential or extended tummy tuck, which involves a broader area and larger incision will take more time to heal.

  • Depending on how complex or how much surgical intervention is needed to address the muscular area to tighten the abdominal region could affect recovery time.

General tips for a better tummy tuck recovery:

The right surgeon…

The first and most important step is finding the right plastic surgeon and surgical center to perform your tummy tuck. Our board-certified New Jersey area plastic surgeons at The Peer Group have extensive knowledge with this procedure, which can only help a patient not only get the results they want but having quality work done makes for an easier recovery.

Be healthy from the start…

It is a known fact, that being healthy prior to a procedure will only help with the recovery. With a tummy tuck procedure, you want to be at your ideal weight pre-surgery. Be mindful of what you are eating and drinking before and after surgery, as weight gain can change or alter your amazing results.

Prepare to need help…

Having the right people in place to help you recover will only make it go smoother and faster. Make sure you have people helping you that are patient but firm so that they make sure you are following the post-surgical instructions.

Follow doctor’s orders…

Follow your surgeon’s instructions. Follow their protocol and post-surgical care instructions thoroughly. Take prescribed medications as instructed. If they tell you when you can do a light activity or return to work, follow their instructions even if you feel good. Remember they have done this procedure before so they know what you are going to experience. Let them give you the tools and information on how to have a successful recovery, which will only help your end results.

Keep your expectations in check…

Post surgery, your stomach isn’t going to be completely flat and you might even be concerned with how your scars look. Scars are part of the tummy tuck procedure but will lessen in appearance over time and can be concealed with clothing. Realize it will take time to look and feel normal. You have to let your body heal first so curtail your expectations when looking in the mirror. Some patients experience minor emotional mood swings post-surgery with a tummy tuck due to the initial discomfort and swelling as well as worry about how the incisions may look. This can leave patients feeling anxious, but remember why you decided to do this surgery. As we said earlier, keep your eye on the prize, which will be the end result of you having a flatter, more toned-looking abdominal area!

Rest is key…

It can’t be said enough, but rest and listening to your body are key after surgery. Taking it slow and easy and not overdoing it will aid in a smoother, quicker recovery and could possibly even shorten your overall recovery time. Even if you are feeling great, remember to rest and take time to heal!

Many factors can affect a patient’s recovery from a tummy tuck procedure. Every situation and person is different. Every person’s tolerance for pain varies as well as every person’s body recovers at a different rate. Either way, there are some standard things you can do to help your recovery, which only helps your end result to look great! The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ is here to help you and the surrounding New Jersey area so call or schedule your tummy tuck consultation today.