The Lunch Hour Facelift: Nonsurgical Facelift Options

The Lunch Hour Facelift: Nonsurgical Facelift Options

Today, there are several ways both women and men can freshen their appearance without undergoing an invasive facelift. Dermal fillers, BOTOX®, and other skin rejuvenation options are a popular trend that offers a safe and convenient way to smooth out wrinkles and look years younger. The aging process stops for no one, but today's nonsurgical facelift options can give you a "liquid facelift" for fresher, younger-looking skin, and it can be done over your lunch hour.

The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, offer the latest non-surgical facelift options to tackle signs of aging. You can smooth out wrinkles, restore volume, and improve your overall complexion. A liquid facelift is a common treatment for many women, and now more men are getting on board. It has never been safer and easier to regain that youthful glow, and with the significant advantage of no downtime required. Here is a look at why the trend of injectables isn't going away, and how the experts at The Peer Group can give you the liquid facelift results you want.

Liquid lift benefits

Whether you have fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin, they can be difficult to ignore when you look in the mirror. The signs of getting older creep up on everyone, especially after 40. With today's nonsurgical options, it has never been easier to eliminate those issues and revive your appearance. Some of the benefits of a nonsurgical facelift versus a traditional facelift:

  • Less costly

  • Fewer risks or concerns about complications

  • Minimal discomfort

  • Minimal downtime

  • It can be done over your lunch hour!

The power of facial injectables

When New Jersey women and men get a liquid facelift, it is hard to deny the fantastic results of cosmetic injectables. BOTOX can smooth out and soften the appearance of static lines around the eyes, on the forehead, or in the brow area. Dermal fillers are another powerful tool used in a liquid facelift. As we age, our skin experiences a loss of volume, causing it to sag. By injecting dermal fillers into certain target areas, the volume can be restored while wrinkles are smoothed out for a more youthful look. Some dermal fillers even promote the body to produce more collagen, the protein that gives skin a plump, youthful glow. The Peer Group offers the latest varieties of dermal fillers, including Juvéderm®, Sculptra®, and Restylane®, to meet each patient's aesthetic needs.

BOTOX + filler = anti-aging solution

A powerful duo goes to work when the experts at The Peer Group combine facial injectables as a noninvasive alternative to a traditional facelift. These non-surgical injectables work together to give both women and men an amazing weapon to fight the signs of aging without surgery. Dermal fillers work to contour areas that have lost volume due to age or smooth out deep creases like laugh lines around the mouth. Fillers can even plump up your lips and give the skin around your eyes a new life. BOTOX works wonders to eliminate the appearance of static wrinkles that plague everyone as they age around the eyes, brow area, or forehead. The anti-aging solution of these facial injectables working together can take years off your appearance and have you feeling young again.

Liquid facelift help

Finding the right injector for your liquid facelift is key. An experienced, trained individual should perform your procedure involving dermal fillers, BOTOX, or any cosmetic treatment. The Peer Group experts have the experience to recommend the correct dosage for each target area, which will provide excellent results. Facial injectables are a safe and effective way to take years off your appearance by restoring fullness and volume while reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles, and a qualified injector can help you attain beautiful results.

Men and women today are living longer, so staying competitive in your work environment and with your appearance go hand in hand. You can eliminate those static wrinkles and restore volume in your face to look more vibrant without a lengthy recovery period. BOTOX and dermal fillers work well as stand-alone options, or as a complementary duo that can transform the way you look.

A liquid facelift is a popular topic today because the results speak for themselves. If you’d like to reverse the signs of looking older, your next lunch hour should include taking back a more youthful appearance. Nonsurgical facelift options are helping New Jersey patients look and feel younger and delaying the need for surgical intervention. Not quite ready for a facelift procedure? Let the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group show you the options for a liquid facelift and get you the results you deserve. Schedule a consultation with one of our qualified experts in the Greater New Jersey area today.

What Are the Latest Trends in Body Contouring?

What Are the Latest Trends in Body Contouring?

Body contouring treatments in the Greater New Jersey area are quite popular these days for men and women who are looking outside the gym for extra help toning their bodies. Growing older, pregnancy, weight loss, and other factors can contribute to how our body changes. Noninvasive body contouring procedures like CoolSculpting or more invasive, surgical options like liposuction can reshape, rejuvenate, and tighten up trouble areas, so you look better aesthetically. Both men and women can turn to a number of body contouring procedures in New Jersey to enhance and tighten up troublesome spots so they can enjoy their new look.

The expert, board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, provide several body contouring solutions to their patients across the Greater New Jersey area. From liposuction to tummy tucks and arm lifts or noninvasive treatments like CoolSculpting, The Peer Group offers numerous options to contour your way to a better you. Body contouring treatments are growing in popularity among individuals in New Jersey, and here is how The Peer Group is accommodating their needs.

The beauty behind body contouring in New Jersey

With today’s cosmetic advancements, there are several ways you can contour your body in New Jersey outside of the gym. Both men and women seek to reduce stubborn areas of body fat either for health reasons or simply to look better. A number of body contouring procedures can be customized to what each patient needs, addressing almost every area of the body. For decades, liposuction in the Greater New Jersey area has provided a surgical, helpful solution to give patients a slimmer, more contoured figure. Patients now have other options available when it comes to body contouring that is less invasive or doesn’t require any incisions at all. They also have a shorter recovery period, less downtime, or no downtime at all. The reasons that patients seek body contouring in New Jersey vary as much as the procedures. Some patients want a simple change to their waistline while others need contouring help in more than one area. With the ideal candidate, body contouring procedures can give you a well-proportioned look in all the right spots when performed by the professional board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group.

Who can benefit from body contouring procedures?

Individuals dealing with excess fat and skin in certain areas can benefit from body contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck and liposuction. Ideal candidates are within 10 pounds of their ideal body weight and are healthy, non-smokers. Weight loss patients who struggle with loose, excess skin that has lost elasticity may find that certain body lifting procedures can eliminate that problem and show off the hard work they’ve endured. Another example of a group that will benefit from body contouring in New Jersey is women who decide to have a tummy tuck after they are finished having children. Another growing group looking to body contouring in the Greater New Jersey area are men who want to get that chiseled, sculpted look to their physiques. No matter the patient, the qualified, experienced plastic surgeons at The Peer Group will listen to your aesthetic needs and then determine your appropriate body contouring treatment plan. Depending on what you need, you may be able to address different areas all at the same time.

Surgical or nonsurgical body contouring help

Body contouring envelops a wide range of options. You can have a lower body lift to tighten up loose skin and further sculpt the areas of your hips, buttocks, and thighs all in one surgical session. With the latest nonsurgical innovations, you can possibly forgo more invasive surgery and have a flatter, more toned-looking stomach with CoolSculpting instead of a tummy tuck. In New Jersey, The Peer Group offers several cosmetic options that incorporate the latest surgical and nonsurgical techniques when it comes to body contouring treatments to eliminate sagging skin or stubborn pockets of fat practically anywhere on the body such as the stomach, buttocks, thighs, arms, and breasts.

Surgical body sculpting procedures


For men and women in New Jersey, liposuction still reigns supreme as a leader in the cosmetic world to help patients eliminate pockets of unwanted fat for a more contoured, slim appearance. The Peer Group offers the latest in liposuction technology with tumescent or laser-assisted techniques. Today’s liposuction techniques are more precise, require less downtime, and safer. It is also a versatile tool that can sculpt several areas of the body and in some cases, all in the same session.

Body Lift Procedures

Body lift procedures are particularly popular for weight loss patients to remove excess skin for a more sculpted appearance. Liposuction can also be used in conjunction to remove isolated pockets of fat to optimize the results. The Peer Group offers numerous lift procedures from a tummy tuck, breast lift, arm lift, thigh lift, and neck lift. They even provide body contouring packages for patients needing more than one type of surgical treatment done at the same time as with mommy makeovers, after weight loss surgery or a lower body lift that addresses more than one area.

Nonsurgical body sculpting procedures

The ever-evolving world of noninvasive body contouring techniques is growing in popularity. For patients needing a little extra contouring help in the greater New Jersey area, noninvasive body contouring options may be the right solution. Nonsurgical body contouring procedures like CoolSculpting and SculpSure are giving patients the results they want with no downtime required.


Coolsculpting offers an FDA-approved device that eliminates fat in those stubborn areas of the inner thighs, upper arms, or stomach by permanently freezing them away. In about three months, the frozen fat cells die off, and the body naturally absorbs and eliminates them to give patients a permanent solution if they maintain their ideal weight.


SculpSure is a quick procedure that uses a temperature-controlled device similar to CoolSculpting but instead uses heat produced from a laser. The method is applied to trouble spots like the stomach, thighs, or flanks to deliver intense heat which is absorbed by the fatty tissue. In about 6-12 weeks, after one treatment, patients see visible results.


Ultherapy is the latest technique that has everyone talking. This noninvasive technique uses ultrasound energy to lift and tighten certain areas like the face, brow, under the chin, and neck. It treats the deep layers of the skin without disturbing the surface to give patients a boost in collagen production to reveal a more youthful appearance in about 2-3 months.


Kybella is the first FDA injectable that The Peer Group provides which can eliminate submental fullness, also known as a “double chin” that commonly occurs with age. It removes those fat cells so patients can enjoy a new profile after their last treatment in about 3-6 weeks. As long as patients maintain their current weight, the Kybella results are permanent.

If you have done all the work and realize that you still need a little body contouring help, then it is time to turn to the experts at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ. Body contouring procedures offer patients help for almost any area of the body. The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group provide numerous surgical and nonsurgical body contouring options to their patients in the greater New Jersey area. They will help devise a plan to address your cosmetic concerns so you can feel better about how you look. If you are interested in seeing what options may be right for you, we invite you to schedule a consultation with The Peer Group today.