Add Natural-Looking Volume to Enhance Your Facial Appearance in New Jersey

By countering age-related volume loss with Restylane® at New Jersey’s The Peer Group, our physicians can help the skin on the face to be tighter, firmer, and smoother—in other words: younger looking. In addition to the face, Restylane® can also be used to add volume to the hands, where collagen and fat loss have exposed tendons and thick vessels. Cords running under thin skin can give the hands a bony appearance. Adding volume softens the harsh contours and creates a more rounded and youthful appearance.




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What Is Restylane®?

There are many nonsurgical treatments available for addressing signs of aging. Restylane® is an especially versatile option, with the dermal filler appropriate for use in multiple areas and for many cosmetic conditions related to volume loss.

The most important ingredient in Restylane® is hyaluronic acid, a water-loving sugar molecule that provides hydration and volume where injected. A person’s skin naturally makes its own hyaluronic acid, but levels of this important element decline as we age, resulting in laxity, sagging, and the development of wrinkles and folds. These signs of aging are made worse by the simultaneous loss of collagen and elastin.

Manufacturer Galderma uses something known as XpresHAn Technology™—the HA in the middle stands for hyaluronic acid—to create Restylane®, cross-linking the sugar molecules to make them especially resilient. The resulting gel is soft enough to flow beneath the surface of the skin where injected, as well as mold to the appropriate facial contours, but robust enough to last for up to nine to 12 months.

The filler is mainly used in the face to address nasolabial folds that make parentheses-like indentations on either side of the lower nose and marionette lines that start at the corners of the mouth and run down toward the chin.

Restylane® Treatment Details

Anyone who comes to The Peer Group interested in addressing age-related volume loss will start their cosmetic journey with a consultation. One of our experienced physicians will examine your skin and talk to you about your medical history and aesthetic goals. Using the information they get from you, they will develop a customized treatment plan.

Restylane® injections will also be made by a physician, who will work to make the session as comfortable as possible. Patients often say that the needle feels similar to a pinch, with the treatment as a whole easy to tolerate.

Every session is unique, with different areas of the face being injected for different patients, but it typically takes about 30 minutes or less to complete the treatments.

Restylane® Recovery and Results

Common side effects include minor sensitivity, tenderness, bruising, and swelling where the injections were made. While the added volume will make a difference that is noticeable right away, the long-term results of Restylane® will be seen once any swelling fades in a matter of days. Patients don’t need to take time off from work or other activities to heal or rest, though they are certainly free to do so.

Depending on the specific Restylane® filler used, results can last anywhere from six months to one year. When the volumizing effects fade, more filler can be added to improve skin texture and tone again.

More Injectable Treatments for Addressing Signs of Aging

The Peer Group carries several types of fillers in order to choose the treatment best suited for the patient. Juvéderm® is another hyaluronic acid-based filler used for nasolabial folds and other lines on the face, while the RHA® Collection is designed to treat dynamic wrinkles.

Other options for dynamic wrinkles include BOTOX®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau™, which are neuromodulators that relax active muscles.

Any of these treatments can be used on their own, or they may be used together in different combinations to achieve highly customized effects.










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