Stop Hyperhidrosis and Enjoy Less Sweating in New Jersey

At The Peer Group, we use miraDry® as an advanced, nonsurgical treatment to address excessive sweating, otherwise known as hyperhidrosis. People suffering from this condition experience uncontrollable sweating in the underarms. For anyone with this problem, a treatment with miraDry® at our New Jersey practice can damage the overactive sweat- and odor-producing glands so that they no longer work.

The Peer Group’s miraDry® patients will work with a physician, ensuring that an experienced and board-certified doctor is part of the treatment process. Safety and satisfactory results are our twin goals, so we approach every patient as a unique individual who deserves our complete focus.


MiraDry® for Excessive Sweating


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What Is miraDry®?

A properly functioning sweat gland turns on and shuts off, primarily to help regulate the body’s temperature. People with hyperhidrosis find that their sweat glands are frequently “on”—even if the weather is cool and they’re not engaging in physical activity that would heat them up.

Using controlled microwave energy, the miraDry® device heats up the targeted sweat glands, damaging them so that they no longer work. Since the damaged glands can no longer produce sweat, patients enjoy a reduction in hyperhidrosis symptoms, as well as a reduction in underarm odor. This twofold benefit makes the sweat-reduction treatment appealing for anyone tired of having constantly soaked and smelly shirts.

The body has plenty of sweat glands to continue properly regulating its temperature, even after a successful miraDry® treatment. Additionally, you will not sweat more in other areas just because the sweat glands in the armpit don’t work anymore.

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miraDry® Details

Meeting with a physician at The Peer Group is an important first step, so that you can be assessed for excess sweating in the armpits and determine whether treatment would be the best way to relieve the unwanted symptoms of overactive sweat glands.

A treatment session starts with infusing a local anesthetic into the armpits. The microwave energy emitted by the miraDry® device generates considerable heat, so reducing sensation there is a way to improve patient comfort throughout the experience.

miraDry® at The Peer Group

The device is activated for only a few seconds at a time, which is all that’s needed to damage the targeted sweat glands in each spot. Since the device focuses on one small patch of skin at a time, it typically needs to be moved around and activated multiple times in order to cover all of the underarm areas that contain the sweat and odor glands. The entire treatment will last one to two hours in total, depending on the size of the armpits that are being treated.

miraDry® Recovery and Results

Although this treatment can result in swelling, bruising, and numbness in the underarm area, these side effects will resolve on their own in a matter of days. Patients should avoid exercise for a few days after a miraDry® session, but other typical daily activities—such as work and social visits—are fine to resume right away.

Damaged glands stop producing sweat and odor as soon as they are treated with microwave energy. In fact, there is a four to six week period after treatment where no sweat or odor will be produced. After that point, the body resets to a new baseline with significantly less sweat and odor production. Most patients enjoy an 80 percent reduction in sweat and odor after a single treatment, which is typically enough to be comfortable. Ten to 20 percent of patients will go on to have one more treatment, if they want to reduce sweat and odor in the armpits closer to zero.

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What Other Energy-Based Treatments Does The Peer Group Offer?

While microwave energy can be used to accomplish sweat reduction, we use light energy to reduce other cosmetic problems, such as excess hair, scars, or spots and fine lines. Contact The Peer Group to learn more about laser hair reduction, laser scar revision, and laser vein treatments.

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