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Dermaplaning, also called a dermaplane facial, is a gentle exfoliation treatment used to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the skin's surface. While dermaplaning will not help with any deeper skin concerns, it can improve skin tone and texture without any downtime or invasive techniques. Dermaplaning uses a small blade to scrape dead skin cells from the surface, resulting in smoother, more radiant skin.

Dermaplaning in New Jersey

The dermaplaning treatment is a gentle exfoliation treatment to enhance skin tone and texture with no downtime. The Peer Group for Plastic Surgery offers this treatment to the residents of Morristown and Livingston, NJ.


How Much Does Dermaplaning Cost?

The exact cost of treatment will vary depending on your cosmetic goals and the extent of treatment necessary. During your initial consultation, we thoroughly discuss your treatment goals in order to determine the dermaplaning technique that is best for you. Once we develop a customized treatment plan, we will be able to inform you of the exact cost of treatment.

What is the Dermaplaning Procedure Like?

Dermaplaning requires no anesthetics of any kind. The treatment is performed using a small blade, which is scraped across the skin's surface to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells. This process is not painful, but you will feel a scratching sensation as the skin is treated. A dermaplaning treatment takes about 30 minutes to perform.

What is the Dermaplaning Recovery Like?

There is no formal recovery period following a dermaplaning facial. You may experience minor redness that lasts for a few hours, but otherwise, there are no side effects. There is no downtime necessary, and you can resume all normal activities immediately following your appointment.

What Results Can I Expect from Dermaplaning?

The results from dermaplaning are visible immediately. However, the dead skin cells and peach fuzz removed by the dermaplaning treatment will re-accumulate in about one month. Many patients choose to receive regular dermaplaning treatments to maintain their results as long as possible.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation for dermaplaning and determine if you are a good fit for treatment. The Peer Group welcomes patients from Livingston, Morristown and the neighboring cities of New Jersey.