What Is the Lifespan of DAXXIFY™?

How long does DAXXIFY last? Our New Jersey-based team at The Peer Group knows that the longevity of results is a primary factor for making a decision about any treatment—and especially the newest botulinum toxin injectable.

DAXXIFY works very similarly to other botulinum toxin injectables that are used to soften dynamic facial wrinkles: It blocks certain signals from the nerves that tell facial muscles related to wrinkles to contract. When the facial muscles stay at rest, the skin won’t crease up as much and wrinkles won’t form or look as pronounced as they did before.

The FDA has approved DAXXIFY™ to treat moderate to severe frown lines.

Many patients are surprised to learn that DAXXIFY™ and other botulinum toxin injections, also referred to as neuromodulators, don’t work right away. In reality, it takes some time for the product to be absorbed into the muscle. Typically, patients notice the effects within a few days, but the maximum results appear within 10 to 14 days.

These treatments are incredibly effective, but it’s worth remembering that all botulinum toxin injections provide temporary results. Most types of neuromodulators last for three to four months. The results gradually wear off and patients need to get maintenance injections if they wish to preserve the results.

However, DAXXIFY is the only neuromodulator that can last for up to six months on average—and sometimes even up to nine months for some patients. The reason why it’s so long-lasting is because the neurotoxin is stabilized by Peptide Exchange Technology (PXT). The peptides boost the ability of the botulinum toxin to block muscles from contracting.

How often should you get DAXXIFY™ to maintain results? The answer will vary depending on your face, your age, and how pronounced your wrinkles are. Take note of when it begins to wear off after your first session and talk to our team about timing from there.

Our injectors at The Peer Group will guide you on everything you’ll need to know about this and other neuromodulators for reducing dynamic wrinkles. Call us at 973-822-3000 or fill out a contact form to request a consultation to discuss wrinkle treatments.