As men and women get age, their eyes begin to show telltale signs of growing older. Baggy lower eyelids, droopy or sagging upper eyelids — they can be a cosmetic or even a medical issue. According to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, was the fourth most common cosmetic procedure performed in 2018.

The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, offer eyelid surgery to Greater New Jersey area men and women. Eyelid surgery for New Jersey patients provides men and women with a new outlook on their facial appearance and also provides dramatic results. The surgical experts at The Peer Group in New Jersey share four helpful facts about eyelid surgery to better inform you about what it can do from both a cosmetic and medical perspective and how they can help open your eyes to this rejuvenating procedure.

The popularity of eyelid surgery

Over the past few years, eyelid surgery has risen in popularity. Both women and men in Greater New Jersey are turning eyelid surgery for help looking more awake or correcting droopy skin around their eyes. This cosmetic procedure can rejuvenate a person’s appearance by removing excess skin and tightening up the eye area to reveal a more youthful look. In data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2018, over 206,000 eyelid surgery procedures were performed.

From a medical standpoint, as we age, many older patients suffer from drooping eyelids, which can impede their vision. Severely saggy skin around the eyes can reduce a patient’s side, or peripheral vision — especially if it is impacting the upper and outer parts of their field of vision. Blepharoplasty can reduce or eliminate these types of vision problems and make eyes appear more alert, awake, and even younger.

Eyelid lift options

As men and women age, our bodies make less collagen, which causes the skin to lose elasticity. Collagen is the protein that keeps skin looking plump and youthful, and when it starts to diminish, then so does the texture of our skin. Eyelid skin is predisposed to already being thin, and as we age, the muscles around the eyes also weaken. The combination of both of these factors lead the eye area to be one of the first areas to change aesthetically as we get older. Eyelid surgery can be customized to what each patient needs, whether it is for the upper eyelid, the lower eyelid, or both. During a consultation with the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group about eyelid surgery, Greater New Jersey men and women can learn about the different options and what would be a good fit for them.

Types of eyelid surgery

Upper eyelid surgery: This procedure focuses on the upper eyelid area. It is popular among elderly patients or those genetically born with droopy eyelids to improve their vision sightline. This procedure will provide a more rounded, open, youthful appearance to a patient’s eye while restoring any medical function if needed.

Lower eyelid surgery: This procedure focuses on the lower eyelid area. The primary goal of this surgical procedure is to reduce the appearance of “bags” under the eyes, eliminate wrinkles or loose skin in the lower eyelid area.

Whether you want to improve the function of your eyes or their appearance, eyelid surgery for New Jersey area men and women can give your eyes a fresh new look.

Is eyelid surgery right for you?

Your eyes are a significant part of your facial features. When they appear tired or droopy in appearance, then eyelid surgery may be the right solution. In some cases, it might be covered by insurance if it can restore medical function to the eyes from upper eyelids that are impeding a patient’s vision. Even lower eyelid surgery can be considered a medical or functional blepharoplasty when eyeglasses are not able to be worn due to excessive puffiness and surgical intervention is the only solution.

Be patient for the dramatic results

Eyelid surgery can take years off a patient’s appearance. Tightening drooping and sagging eyelid skin and eliminating lower eyelid puffiness can make both women and men in the Greater New Jersey area look more “awake” and rejuvenated. It can be one of the most dramatic facial cosmetic procedures, giving patients immediate satisfaction — especially for individuals who require eyelid surgery for a medical need to improve their vision. However, individuals should be patient while waiting for their final results. It can take a few months for patients to be able to enjoy their new look fully. The eye area is delicate, so each week, the eyelids will gradually improve. Before long, everyone will be asking, “why do you look so refreshed?”.

The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ, can help eliminate those signs of aging in your eyes, making you look younger and even more awake. Your eyes play an essential part in your overall appearance, so rejuvenating them with eyelid surgery can have a significant impact on how you feel and look. If you are interested in eyelid surgery, then we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of the skilled plastic surgeons at The Peer Group today.