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What is Platysmaplasty?

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

woman chin

woman chin

Neck lifts are becoming popular cosmetic procedures. Today, advanced cosmetic medicine techniques enable plastic surgeons including those at the Peer Group to reduce or eliminate the excess fat and skin, and sagging muscle tissue that often develop around the neck as we grow older.

If you’ve been investigating neck lift plastic surgery procedures, chances are you’ve seen the term “platysmaplasty” and wondered exactly what it is. Platysmaplasty is the medical term for a procedure performed as part of some neck lift operations. The procedure is named for the platysma, a neck muscle under the chin that over time can loosen and stretch, producing the sagging, or so called “turkey wattle” under the chin. In the platysmaplasty procedure, the cosmetic plastic surgeon tightens or removes the platysma, eliminating unwanted band lines on the neck. Loose skin is also trimmed away as part of this procedure.

Platysmaplasty produces an ideal angle between the chin and the neck, increasing the chin’s depth and angularity. Given its impact on the results of this cosmetic surgery, there are very few neck lifts performed that do not incorporate a platysmaplasty as part of the procedure. Other procedures that may be performed as part of a neck lift include liposuction and cervicoplasty. Sometimes Botox injections are used to relax parts of the platysma that cause the banded appearance this procedure eliminates. These Botox treatments may be performed in lieu of or in conjunction with a neck lift.

If you’re considering having a neck lift, ask any cosmetic surgeon you consult about his or her experience with the platysmaplasty procedure, and whether you would benefit from it as part a neck lift operation.



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