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PRP For Hair

This a natural hair growth solution that uses nothing but the blood in your own body. Blood platelets are packed with growth factors, which can be concentrated into PRP and injected into the scalp to stimulate natural growth.

PRP for Hair in New Jersey

If you are struggling with hair loss, PRP can help you restore natural hair growth and reverse hair loss. At The Peer Group for Plastic Surgery, we offer this treatment to the residents of Morristown and Livingston, NJ.


What Does PRP Do?

Patients who are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning can restore fullness to the hair and reverse hair loss. The PRP treatment for hair loss is a totally natural solution for hair growth. To explore the results possible with this treatment, take a look at our PRP for hair loss before and after pictures.

How Much Does PRP for Hair Loss Cost?

The exact cost of treatment will vary depending on your cosmetic goals and the extent of treatment necessary. During your initial consultation, we thoroughly discuss your treatment goals in order to determine the PRP technique that is best for you. Once we develop a customized treatment plan, we will be able to inform you of the exact cost of treatment.

What is the PRP for Hair Loss Procedure Like?

The first step in the PRP for hair growth treatment is collecting a small amount of blood from the arm. This blood is placed into a machine that separates the blood platelets from the unnecessary components, leaving platelet-rich plasma. Once this process is complete, the PRP is injected into the scalp where hair growth is desired. The number and location of these injections depends on your personalized treatment plan. The total time required for the PRP for hair loss treatment is less than an hour.

What is the PRP for Hair Loss Recovery Like?

There is no formal recovery period or downtime necessary after PRP injections. You may experience some soreness in the scalp after treatment, but this should resolve within a few hours. You can resume all normal activities, including washing your hair, within several hours of treatment.

What Results Can I Expect from PRP for Hair Growth?

The results from PRP injections become visible in the months following treatment. Most patients begin to notice results about three to four months after treatment. We often recommend multiple treatment sessions, as this will further enhance hair growth and produce more noticeable results. During your consultation, we'll discuss the number of recommended treatments based on your cosmetic goals.

If you are looking for "PRP for hair loss near me" and are located in Morristown, Livingston or the surrounding areas of New Jersey, contact us today. The Peer Group offers this and other medical spa services to help patients look and feel their best.