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Scar Revision

Scar revision plastic surgery is performed to reduce the appearance of scars caused by injury or previous surgery. While many scars fade over time and eventually transform to become barely noticeable, many patients experience disruptions to the healing process that cause scars to become red, raised, indented or otherwise deformed. Many patients are unhappy and embarrassed by the appearance of these scars, especially when they are located in prominent areas, and seek treatment to improve them. The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Peer Group provide comprehensive scar revision services in Florham Park, NJ to help patients achieve smooth, clear skin and ease their self-consciousness.

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Types of Scars

Individuals may sustain several varieties of scars, depending on the type and severity of the injury, as well as the patient’s age, overall health and their body’s healing abilities. This scarring can often be alleviated through cosmetic plastic surgery.

  • Hypertrophic scars are red, raised scars filled with excessive amounts of collagen that may be itchy or slightly painful, although they are considered harmless and do not grow beyond the boundaries of the initial wound.
  • Keloids are overgrown areas of scar tissue that appear as irregularly-shaped, raised, pink or red areas that may continue to grow over time. While they can occur anywhere on the body, they are most common on the face, neck, ears, chest or shoulders.
  • Contractures are more severe scars that restrict movement as a result of the tissue in the area pulling together during the healing process. This type of scar most commonly occurs after large amounts of tissue loss or in wounds that occur on a joint.

Scar Revision Procedures

Scars are by definition permanent, but certain aesthetic medical procedures can narrow, fade and otherwise reduce the appearance of severe or unattractive scarring, which is especially helpful in areas of cosmetic importance such as the face and hands. There are many plastic surgery procedures for scar revision, only some of which may be appropriate for a particular type of scar or its location. These include surgical excision, skin grafts, flap surgery, Z-plasty, and Fraxel® laser treatments. The best procedure for each patient depends on the location and severity of the scar, as well as the age, overall health and extent of revision desired by the patient. Your plastic surgeon will develop a personalized treatment for you after a thorough evaluation of your scar.

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